Saturday, August 1, 2009

She'll be upset I'm making a Big Deal about this . . .

but I can't believe Rebecca Sower came to see us today! It was like a surprise visit from royalty or something! Not only did she come to see us--to check-us-out, but she actually identified herself . . . made herself known. She could have slipped in and out quietly, without letting us know she had been there, but she introduced herself.; AND, she stayed to talk. What a wonderfully modest and gracious lady!
We found her in our one of our obsession magazines . . . basically anything published by Stampington & Compay. About a week ago, Kendall and I worked-up enough nerve to ask her if she would consider participating in "Spectacular, Spectacular." A day later she responded with the comment to the effect of she'd like to hear more; we've been planning our reply ever-since! I was trying to come-up with the right thing to say--something to convince her that we're a legitimate operation so she'd agree to come teach a class. Then, there she is.
She'll be upset that I'm writing this--she's so unassuming. But we're thrilled that she even sat down with us and shared her thoughts.
So, here's the unofficial supposition . . . Rebecca Sower, is considering joining us for Spectacular, Spectacular, as a teacher and, hopefully, vendor for the event. (I hope that wasn't too forward!)
We'll keep you posted, naturally. Heck, all she had to do is drop-in to the shop and I'm downright giddy!
Okay, enough already! The event will be wonderful, but it will be more wonderfuller (yup--I said it) with Rebecca. Cross your fingers and subscribe to this blog so you'll be among the first to know! I'm feeling so good, I'm going to extend an invitation to another notable crafter extraordinaire . . . wish me luck!

Have you saved the dates? Oct 23 & 24. Do it!

Thanks for your indulgence!


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