Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Windows—such as they are . . .

Okay, I’ll be the first one to admit it . . . these windows did not receive my best efforts, but they still make me smile.
The hops garland is my favorite element—no matter when or where I use it!  The plate rack was constructed by my friend—the design was copied from a German antique I brought home 9 years ago.  The rest of the design came together based on those two elements.
The far end of the window shows an outdoor scene.  the swing is constant and I love it as my focal point.
One of my favorite new decorative accents is this book page garland.  (I think we are offering a workshop to learn how to make on in January.  Check the Artful origins facebook page for new workshops.)
I was inspired to offer the Johnson Brothers “friendly village” by the plate rack—the colors of the annie sloan Chalk Paint™ I used—country grey, old violet and old white—almost asked to display Friendly Village.
A Christmas tree offering a nice mix of ornaments and a cowboy hat topper.
One of best sellers . . . this iron double lantern will see you from Christmas, through New Years and so on.  Decorate it for the season and make a quick and easy impact.
Several items to love here . . . the french wire basket, the wine glasses and a flower pot turned wine cooler.
A holiday cowgirl.

“Merry Christmas”—vintage style!  (Only $185 for the set!)
A new pattern of our quilt, Rustica.
love the pattern on this tablecloth—it’s actually about 72” long.  I decided to feature our brie baker, and our hot chocolate packets.038039046
Note the tobacco basket—still love ‘em!
Thanks for your indulgence!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Traditional Tree

You can’t go wrong with a red and green tree!  Especially when you decorate it with some of the beautiful ornaments we’ve found for ours.

christmas 2012 068

The classic paper cone, formed into a disc with glitter accents.

christmas 2012 069

A belsnickel santa—available in three colors.

christmas 2012 070

This vintage-look ornament appears as though is were found at an estate sale.

christmas 2012 071

Our best seller last year, this car ornament appears to be toting home the family Christmas tree.

christmas 2012 072

this beautiful ornament makes its second appearance on our parade of trees.

christmas 2012 073

an elaborate frame is the perfect ornament for a proud mama or grandmother.

christmas 2012 074

a bird image on an icy disc ornament,

christmas 2012 075

ice crystals appear to have formed on this ornament—the berry twigs are the perfect contrast on this one.

christmas 2012 076

a Christmas cardinal is a must.

christmas 2012 077

a glass snowman in a cheery scarf.

christmas 2012 079

another paper cone ornament.

christmas 2012 080

Santa with a silver glitter tree.

christmas 2012 081

a vintage inspired witches eye ornament.

christmas 2012 078

this snowman brings his own tree.

christmas 2012 082

a partridge on a pear—put it in your tree.

christmas 2012 083


some accents for a traditional d├ęcor--this snowman arrives with a wreath.

christmas 2012 085

reminiscent of Frosty’s fateful trip into the green house—only this one will survive!

christmas 2012 086

I love these miniature green houses—they are perfect for displaying a variety of items for Christmas and later!

christmas 2012 087

Let me know if you see anything here that you like . . .

Thanks for your indulgence.


Monday, December 10, 2012

The Woodland Tree

It took a while for this theme to catch-on, but last year it was the first one to look bare.  This year, we added even more to it and I adore it—I love this tree!  Winking smile

christmas 2012 051

a tight shot of some of the ornaments, starting with this darling bird on a frosted pinecone . . .

christmas 2012 053

the clip-on birds have been a long time favorite of mine . . .

christmas 2012 054

an ivory frosted ornament with glitter trees . . .

christmas 2012 055

the red berries are a lovely contrast to the ivory frost on this ornament . . .

christmas 2012 056

a twist on the classic silhouette  ornament, this glitter moose scene is a great addition to any tree . . .

christmas 2012 057

okay—this one is a little out of focus, but I wanted to be sure to include it—you know I love my for cloches.  This “good luck” display of mushrooms is adorable . . .

christmas 2012 058


also out of focus, but beautiful none the less, this sparkle encrusted acorn is a beautiful adornment . . .christmas 2012 059

a beautiful glass ornament with a (surprise) bird image . . .

christmas 2012 060

owls are still very popular—who wouldn’t love this guy  . . .

(note the shredded paper garland—it’s fabulous!)

christmas 2012 061

another staple for our holiday decorating—the vintage inspired house ornament . . .

christmas 2012 063

robin’s eggs with gold leaf add a bit of sparkle for the holidays . . .

christmas 2012 064

these green mercury glass ornaments are my favorite addition this year . . . okay, ONE of my favorite . . .

christmas 2012 066

stay tuned for three more!

thanks for your indulgence!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Hodgepodge “Trees of Christmas”

It’s been pointed out that I haven’t posted pictures of any of our trees this year.  Well truth be told, we have the same trees each year or, at least, the same theme for our trees; this way we can help you build on your own themes each year.  
We call this the Wendy Addison (aka:  the glitter) tree because she designed a majority of the ornaments.  I love this tree (get use to hearing that . . .)
Starting with the garland . . .
christmas 2012 026
add a clip-on glitter top mushroom . . .
christmas 2012 027
a glitter nest with aqua glass eggs . . .
christmas 2012 028
a quail  . . .
christmas 2012 029
a glass ensconced image ornament . . .
christmas 2012 030
then, of course, a glitter snowflake . . .
christmas 2012 031
our best selling glitter bird . . .
christmas 2012 032
words . . .
christmas 2012 033
a wire wrapped mushroom . . .
christmas 2012 034
another disc ornament . . .
christmas 2012 036
a new ephemera bird this year . . .
christmas 2012 037
a cone with a bird image . . .
christmas 2012 040
another glitter bird in her nest . . .
christmas 2012 042

then the set of three glitter birds . . .
christmas 2012 043
the you need to choose your topper . . .
christmas 2012 048
use this beautiful tree topper as intended or as a decorative centerpiece. . .
christmas 2012 047
and finally, a pair of artichoke finials and—you guessed it—glitter bird eggs make a lovely vignette!
christmas 2012 049
Did you get enough glitter?  well, just wait, that’s not all!  we have at least four more trees to go!!!
Thanks for your indulgence!
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