Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Traditional Tree

You can’t go wrong with a red and green tree!  Especially when you decorate it with some of the beautiful ornaments we’ve found for ours.

christmas 2012 068

The classic paper cone, formed into a disc with glitter accents.

christmas 2012 069

A belsnickel santa—available in three colors.

christmas 2012 070

This vintage-look ornament appears as though is were found at an estate sale.

christmas 2012 071

Our best seller last year, this car ornament appears to be toting home the family Christmas tree.

christmas 2012 072

this beautiful ornament makes its second appearance on our parade of trees.

christmas 2012 073

an elaborate frame is the perfect ornament for a proud mama or grandmother.

christmas 2012 074

a bird image on an icy disc ornament,

christmas 2012 075

ice crystals appear to have formed on this ornament—the berry twigs are the perfect contrast on this one.

christmas 2012 076

a Christmas cardinal is a must.

christmas 2012 077

a glass snowman in a cheery scarf.

christmas 2012 079

another paper cone ornament.

christmas 2012 080

Santa with a silver glitter tree.

christmas 2012 081

a vintage inspired witches eye ornament.

christmas 2012 078

this snowman brings his own tree.

christmas 2012 082

a partridge on a pear—put it in your tree.

christmas 2012 083


some accents for a traditional décor--this snowman arrives with a wreath.

christmas 2012 085

reminiscent of Frosty’s fateful trip into the green house—only this one will survive!

christmas 2012 086

I love these miniature green houses—they are perfect for displaying a variety of items for Christmas and later!

christmas 2012 087

Let me know if you see anything here that you like . . .

Thanks for your indulgence.


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