Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Evolution of a Summer Mantle

It may seem odd to share ideas for a fireplace mantle during this time of year, but as it’s usually the focus of the room, you shouldn’t ignore the wonderful display opportunities.

Here’s how I took one of the mantles at the shop and transformed it for our transition to summer.  I started with a framed window screen, which I turned on its side.   summer mantle 1 Added a few rosemary topiaries, some candles stands made from porch railings and topped with succulent candles in terra cotta pots.

 summer mantle 3 

A summer picture of a bee and flowers on canvas.

summer mantle 5

It needed some height, so I added the trust vintage books and a candle holder.summer mantle 6

A vintage ceiling tin-look frame and we’re done with option one.

summer mantle 8

Clear it again and start with matching rosemary topiaries and iron architectural candle holders (they hinge open for a candle).summer mantle 9

Add a framed picture—but this one is too large and dark.summer mantle 10

Birds always work. 

 summer mantle 12

A few more additions and there you have it. 

summer mantle final

Now you just need to look around the house and garden to put together summer mantle you can enjoy.

Thanks for the indulgence!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Norwegian Independence

The obvious question this begs is, “from whom.”

Independence Day in Norway falls on May 17 which is commonly known as Norway's Constitution Day. It was on this day in 1814 that Norway's constitution was signed which made Norway a free and independent nation.  However, according to that  bastion of indisputable fact,, Norway was actually still under the rule of the Swedish monarch for many more years.  But don’t tell the students who started the celebration—similar to our 4th of July celebration—and don’t tell Martha (our Norwegian hostess with the mostess!)

Norw Independence and shower curtain 003

So, in Martha’s family,they celebrate with this most excellent soup:

Norw Independence and shower curtain 005

Bread—yes, I ate three carb loaded pieces!

Norw Independence and shower curtain 006

And the cake, good heavens, the Cream Cake!  (Naturally, you recognize the flag of Norway.)

Norw Independence and shower curtain 010

Finally, they wrapped-up the celebration with a huge rainbow actually starting on the golf green behind their house!  (It had to be the “start” and not the “end,” as those golfer were not running for the pot of gold!)

Norw Independence and shower curtain 008

Have you ever seen the beginning or end of a rainbow?  This was a first for me!

All I know is I’d love to celebrate Norwegian Independence at least once each week—I don’t care what the so-called monarch said!  Norway—hurra, hurra, hurra!

Norw Independence and shower curtain 007

Thanks for your indulgence!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

our new dining room

I started putting it back together the other day, but then decided I wanted to add a very subtle touch of blue to the back of my china cabinet.  So I took out the things I had returned to their shelves—cursing myself and my “great ideas.”

The new paper and paint!

dr wallpaper

Reassembling . . .

dr  arrangement

The tip of the iceberg . . .

dr table mess

A color change so subtle, I’ll likely be the only one who notices . . .

prom and spring 2010 110

back together . . .

dining room and concert 003 dining room and concert 001 dining room and concert 002

I’m so happy with the results.  I didn’t think I could love wall paper like I love this wall paper.  With the help of Jane and Kendall, I decided to change the chandelier in this room—good decision.  I’m downright giddy that we’ve got this room back together.  We just need the new electrical outlet we’ve been promised, so we can plug-in the lamps on the buffet—then we’ll be “done done” with this room.

Thanks for your indulgence.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mint Juleps for Mama




Thursday, May 13th from 5 – 8 PM

Join us for refreshments, door prizes and discounts!  I’ll try to throw in a decorating demo or two, too!

Just come!


Friday, May 7, 2010

HELP! I need a Mother’s Day Gift Idea

md willow cheese cloche md baubles md baubles 2 md bird journal md bird on ledger md cake peds md canisters md cookbook md difusser md double iron lantern md fairie queen md flatware md letter opener md margs md mint julep cups md mirror md mother mary md mug md sarong md soak 

Just a few ideas . . .

Ladies, feel free to send a link to this blog to your family!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Thanks for your indulgence,


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hens in The Roost!

Okay--it wasn't stellar event I had hoped for, but it was a good start! Unfortunately, Clarksville was experiencing a deluge of rain it hasn't seen in three decades! I was so happy to be joined by our friends--Candice, of Artsy Tartsy Jewelery.
Tabitha of LilyBelle Antiques--a stellar vendor at ARTifacts.
Jane Burney of Lovin' Spoonful Cafe.
I was joined by the talents of Martha Felton in my booth. She was displaying her handmade jewelry.
They braved the record breaking rainfall and we really enjoyed ourselves. The Roost was full of hens clucking over the great deals and the creative displays. Unfortunately, as is usually the case for me--I failed to take any pictures during the event. I did, however, take a few pics after the show. My booth was the only one left in tact, so I snapped a few photos of the leftovers!
The best sellers for the day were my vintage slip dresses. I've been wearing them for quite a while, but just started the process of "hippin' them up" with a little tye dying. I LOVE them and the consensus was they were too cool to pass-up! I was delighted to see them so well received!
Here's my blue dress.
The back view.
The addition of this vintage apron was the perfect accessory!

Here's one on the vintage dress maker's mannequin I purchased last week--she once served as a
body double for a lady with a little junk in her trunk!

Here's the remainder of my inventory--not a lot to choose from, but you can contact me for sizes and availability.

A project two--no, three years in the making! A porch swing bed!

A sparse little end-of-the-day display.

Martha's handmade fabric baskets! So many uses--my favorite being "cookie server."

Vintage silver plate flatware--mix-and-match place settings of your choosing! Only $3/piece!

Some porcelain figurines I found. They look sweet perched on top of my cupcake pedestals.

Vintage ceiling tins made useful with hooks.

I hope we'll have more vendor participants at our next sale, but I am so proud and happy to have shared the space with such great ladies! Thanks, too, to everyone who braved the elements to join us! It was great fun and I look forward to June 5th and The Roost Vintage Sale!
Thanks for your indulgence!

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