Tuesday, September 28, 2010

She (unintentionally) Cried “Wolf!”

Feeling the love!

group hug

I’m fine.  Thanks so much for all of your concern.

That last post was not a suicide note.


Nor was it an announcement of my intention to close my shop.

cmyk hodgepodge logo final 

Nor was it an announcement that I’m leaving my husband.

Sep 08 157

It was an announcement that I’ve finally realized that there someone greater than you and I with a plan for me.  I’ve been trying too hard to wish and hope for MY plans to work-out, when MY plans may not be His plans.

I’ve always believed in God, but I’ve also always thought that He’s too busy to worry about me—after all, He has so much to do.  I thought if I made my own plans, He would appreciate the help.

So, here I am, finally catching on!

He has the time.  He has the plan.  I need to trust.

That’s it.  I guess I just wasn’t clear enough in my declaration, but you’ll have to forgive me . . . I’m Episcopalian and this sounds somewhat akin to a testimony.


(We’re not very comfortable in this arena!)

Who knows, perhaps this public declaration is part of the plan.


Thanks again for your concern.  I love you for it!

Thanks for your indulgence!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

wish, hope . . . pray

As much as you wish and hope—sometimes things don’t work-out.

Darren and I wished and hoped that we could convert our 130 year old building into a mixed-use property, which would help bring the more residents to our downtown area.  We soon found out we could even begin to afford the cost of the renovations.

franklin st view

Wish and hope.

Kendall and I wished and hoped we could bring fabulous events to inspire the creative potential of this community to Clarksville.  We built it—they didn’t come.

third floor

Wish and hope.

We wished and hoped we could continue to support Darren is his military career, but we can’t.  It’s just too hard on the family.


Wish and hope.

They go on and on—the wishes and hopes.

I guess what you do is live, learn and move on.  Find a different way, make a new plan, adjust.  Listen closer. 

Change wishes and hopes to prayers.

Thanks for your indulgence!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Autumn at Hodgepodge

The colors, the textures, the temperature (well, soon . . .) I’m loving this change!  It’s my forever favorite season.  We’ve transformed the shop and I wanted to share our new look with you.

You can’t beat these stylized-floral plates from the Mary Carol Collection for a great impact! 

sep stuff 2010 074

Brown transferware pitchers and a fabulous new bird vase.

sep stuff 2010 075   

A leaf shaped appetizer plate layered on your favorite dinnerware is all you need to set the scene.   (Be sure to pick-up some of our mixed pattern, silverplate flatware to complete your setting.)sep stuff 2010 079

Some festively fall buffet napkins with dried hops.

sep stuff 2010 080

Couldn’t agree more!



sep stuff 2010 081


Find a basic pattern you can mix-and-match with seasonal favorites.  I love this brasserie collection from Comptoir de Famille.sep stuff 2010 082

One of my favorite cabinets in the shop—a blend of an old paneled door, barnwood and a screen door—serves as a display for items to coordinate with the dinnerware.

sep stuff 2010 083

The full scene.

sep stuff 2010 084

An outdoor urn with and oversized pumpkin make a dramatic impact here—imagine it in your home!

sep stuff 2010 085 


sep stuff 2010 087

This beautiful santos-style fairie stands watch over our new collection of write-on, wipe-off placecards, bottle corks and cheese markers.  The blues of this billow teapot and matching tea cups and saucers set a stunning table for tea and scones—paired with the season’s browns—it’s a can’t miss combination.

sep stuff 2010 088

A new bookcase from our custom furniture line is the perfect display for our favorite bubble glass, handcrafted barware.

sep stuff 2010 089

Been looking for this for years—a quality lavender at a reasonable price! 

sep stuff 2010 090

Another favorite scent, our “fall gatherings” potpourri—instant fall!

sep stuff 2010 092

A buffet table updated from summer to fall with a few simple changes.  Let us help you do this for your home.

sep stuff 2010 093

Our favorite sideboard—which I understand serves as a great plasma screen tv “under cabinet,” too.

sep stuff 2010 094

A vintage metal bed (with a great floral accent) is outfitted in this brick red matelasse, mixed with some linen blend porch pillows and striped euro shams.

sep stuff 2010 095

A bucolic scene of these figures bringing in the harvest transitions our mantel for fall.  LOVE this burlap-backed clock!

sep stuff 2010 096  

We’ve pulled all of our fragrances and ambient lighting together along this wall.  Great scents for fall have arrived—to include our best selling Archipelago Botanicals Bergamot Tobacco, Burl Wood and Pomegranate Citrus.sep stuff 2010 100

A screen door backdrop displays this incredible feather wreath—another sure fire bet for your fall decor.

sep stuff 2010 101

Our Caldrea stocks are full, as are our mini journals.

sep stuff 2010 102

More candles in an array of colors ad scents

sep stuff 2010 103

Another display of the quintessential autumn colors, mixed with a variety of gift items.

sep stuff 2010 104

I hope this photo montage inspires you to make some changes to your home; I hope you start at Hodgepodge!

And for those of you who live at a distance—we ship! 

Thanks for your indulgence!


Monday, September 6, 2010

A Great Little Shop . . .

September 02

. . . owned by a wonderful lady with a big heart!  This is Tawnya Norton talking with Kendall in her shop

C'est Moi.

Those of you who know me will be surprised to read the following words:  I want you to go to Nashville and shop here! 

Typically, Nashville is akin to a four letter word for me.  Being a shop owner in nearby Clarksville, I get so frustrated by a population who continues to support the Nashville economy more than their own, but that is a story for another blog!  (Note the 3/50 Project button to the left.)

Tawnya recently opened her own place.  She's been working with a number of retailers for several years--arranging displays and filling-in with product she has purchased.  When one of her biggest retailers decided to close shop, Tawnya made the decision to open C'est Moi--and what a great decision that was!

Tawnya has a refreshingly open demeanor and was an absolute delight!  She explained that she got started making her own jewelry--which I LOVED and have ordered for Hodgepodge! 

She was happy to talk openly about her business--her successful lines and her bombs; her helpful vendors and sales rep; her promotion ideas and more!  While we were there, a neighbor business owner came in to make a purchase for his wife and they collaborated regarding a potential joint promotional activity--sounded very familiar.

Her shop is in a small shopping center along with a few other businesses.  There's not a lot of square footage, but she makes the most of every inch.  I love how authentic it feels.

So, if you're in the Nashville (Brentwood) area.

I encourage you to stop by and see Tawnya at her shop.  You can find her location and contact info here . . . (sure I could post it right here, but then you'd miss one of the cutest photo I've seen!)

You'll be so glad you did.

Thanks for your indulgence,


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