Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I'm Back-ish . . .

Long time, no nothing.

Makes me think of that quote from Dances with Wolves, when Timmons and John Dunbar come across the skeleton on the prairie, Timmons says, "I'll bet someone back east is saying, 'Now why don't he write?'"

Well, I'll tell you why I haven't written--I wasn't sure I had anything worth sharing.

For those of you who are already familiar with my blog, you'll likely remember I closed my shop (Hodgepodge) at the end of December 2013.  I fully intended to keep blogging, because I really enjoy writing and sharing ideas, but I didn't.  I can make all kinds of excuses, but I recently read a quote that sums up the thoughts about that . . .

So, here's to progress!
I had promised to get something up on my blog by the end of the now-recently-passed weekend. Being that it's Tuesday, I thought I better offer up an excuse umm . . . err . . . disclaimer.
I sat down on Sunday--really I did--to write a post, but then I realized how out-of-date most of the information in the margin of my blog was.  Having not been on Blogger for about a year--it took me quite some time just to find my way around again.  (Still floundering.)  
I started by removing the widgets related to the shop:  signing-up for emails; articles published in magazines, and awards I received (those could have me on a therapist's sofa for days, but I digress). Then I got mired in my outdated profile--what to write there?  (Well, you can see what I settled on--hopefully, I'll be more inspired when I revisit it.)  Still trying to remember how to update my photo (wish I still looked like that . . . I think the photo is at least 7 years old!). 
And now, for something of consequence . . . something to bring you back . . .
Frankly, I'm not sure I can give you that right now, but as I suggested in my new, not necessarily improved, profile--I'm going to share my journey with you.
Things I know am pretty sure I have ahead:
1.  Repairs and renovations to this old house.
2.  Family life--to include two graduations--our eldest from college and our youngest from high school.
3.  More of my serial volunteer activities.
4.  Dog training (no new puppies--same ol' knuckleheads).
5.  A concerted effort to strengthen my spiritual relationships.
6.  A concerted effort to strengthen my earthly relationships.
7.  A concerted effort to strengthen my body.
Okay, I've got to pull the proverbial trigger and get this posted.
I hope to find you back here again soon.  Please leave me your comments--I've missed you.

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