Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Just so you don't lose faith in my abilities to sense direction--the blog prior to this one didn't present the same way it did while I was writing. Thus, my references to "the picture on the left, etc." don't make sense.
I've a decent sense of direction, but not distance. Know that I'll get there . . . it may take a while, but I will.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Grand Plans

Well, Spring Break has come and gone--my family has returned with a healthy tan glow.

I had great plans during their absence--was to accomplish so much and a reality was cruel!

One project I did tackle and complete, however, was the painting of my oak wardrobe (pictured "before" to the left--you can see the reflection of the wardrobe's contents on my bed!) I think I promised white, but as I was perusing my selection of paints--most procured in the "oops" section of our home improvement warehouses--I was captured by a lovely french blue. Well, the results are evident below. I am very pleased with the new look. I'm happy to open my eyes in the morning and see it in all it's large, blue glory. The best part--my husband actually likes it, too!

I think the color may carry over into my master bath for the stained-to-look like oak vanity. I'm motivated!

I also added a new look to my sofa--pictures of that change to follow. I have cut out the "aprons" for my dining chairs and hope to have to prototype sewn together this weekend. Still trying to decide if I'll farm out the sewing (it's straight lines for heaven's sake!) or do it myself. I guess it'll all be determined by how the first one works out. I'll keep you posted.

For now, I'll just enjoy what little I did accomplish.

Thanks for your interest!
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