Saturday, August 30, 2008

How Do They Do That? (Autumn Series)

Mark your calendars for our two next "How Do They Do That?" classes!

Date change: class will be the 30th--same bat time, same bat channel!

Sep 23rd we'll make pedants, under the tutelage of Melanie Hazen. Melanie is an accomplished and talented jewelry artisan. She has agreed to share some of her secrets and skills to help us create one-of-a-kind pendants for our personal use or gift giving. Please email me if you'd like to participate in this class. The class will start at 6 PM somewhere downtown--I'll let you know! The cost is $20 for one pendant, with a fee of $6 for each additional pendant.

Your pendant will be uniquely you--it doesn't have to look like this one. You can bring your own photographs to work with, too. Keep in mind, it's about 1" x 1" and reversible.
When you RSVP, please let me know how many pendants you'd like to make.

On October 21st we will get together to make a beautiful arrangement to adorn your home for the season.
I found this on the blog of an incredibly talented individual, Heather Bullard. I'm working to gather the items needed to create this beautiful arrangement--so cost will be posted later. As always, you costs will be my costs--no profits built into this one. I love the excuse to get together and create with you guys!

Please share this with friends--if you think they'd be interested.
As always, thanks for your indulgence!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Falling into Place

It's time for inventory to start rolling in and I have to say I'm excited. I love everything about Autumn--the change in temperature aides my mood considerably! But the other changes are welcome, as well. I love pumpkins, gourds and cornstalks; falling leaves and bare branches; the colors, especially the shades of brown.

New items have already been added to our inventory and are quickly finding homes. I'm so pleased to be Clarksville's exclusively retailer for the wonderful line of home decor from Mary Carol Garrity. Her incredible design skill is evident in every piece she offers in her line.

We'll also be adding Halloween decor to the floor today. We've got some fun stuff this year. Not the least of witch (punny) is the line of holographic photographs you need to see to appreciate. There are new offerings from Nicole Sayre's creative mind and more.

Patty and I spent the day getting things priced, decorating the window on our Legion-Street-soon-to-be-Strawberry-Alley and adding a mix of Halloween and Fall merchandise to the sales floor. Guess what we didn't finish?

I hate leaving the shop this way. It's a wreck, but I had to get home and take the kids to their open house. Then I ran to The Front Page Deli to meet Dianne and Kendall for a drink and dinner. Then back to the house to help the youngest with a few math problems, then some quick straightening before Darren comes home tomorrow.Tomorrow, I hope to finish adding the new merchandise to the floor--in between meeting with the new bookkeeper, a sales rep and (God willing) customers! Then it's time for the Grand Re-Opening of Legion Street/Strawberry Alley. Festivities begin at 6 PM. There will be a band, outdoor dining, Hodgepodge will host two artists demonstrating their talents and there will be face painting for the kids.
Now--to bed.
Thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Save the Date

Mark your calendars: September 20th is the

Third Annual Frolic on Franklin:

A Celebration of the Arts.

A day of the arts in downtown Clarksville. It starts at 9 am with over 40 artists on Franklin Street between 1st and 2nd Streets. There will be all kids of artist with several demonstrations: jewelry making, oils, acrylics, pottery, photography, woodturning and stained glass to name but a few.

Then at 6 pm the focus will shift to The Roxy for their 26th Annual Gala. This is the Roxy's largest fund raiser of the year. It will begin with dinner, catered by The Bound'ry, followed by an auction of some of the finest art Clarksville has to offer. The entertainment will be the rollicking musical,

The Robber Bridegroom

--bluegrass, a planter's daughter, a rascally robber of the woods, an evil stepmother and a hostile talking head-in-a-trunk!

Here are some pictures from last years event, just as it was getting started:

This is a wonderful, family event--free and open to the public. Bring the whole clan--there will be plenty to do and watch. There will be live performances in front of the Roxy throughout the day--including one act plays. There will be face painting and sidewalk art for the kids.

As for the Gala--you'll have to get your tickets now.

If you've got questions or know an artist who may be interested in participating, please contact me.

Thanks for your indulgence.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Well, it took an inordinate amount of time and mid-level math, but I've finally added the new potpourris I told you about last month to our inventory! We've added Fall Gatherings, Lime Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice and Autumn Orange--to an amazing amount of "mmmm" and "ooooh, something smells good" comments. But wait, that's not all! Not only are these potpourris a feast for the olfactory senses, but for the eyes as well! Get a load of these . . .

These potpourris will add several dimensions to your decor. There are no fillers or even wood chips.

Fall merchandise is arriving daily--I know, I know, but aren't you ready? These pleasant days have really put me in the mood for some change. So, stop in the store and see what we've added and reworked.
One note from the outside world, the items below are from Comptoire de Familie, a business recently featured in the August issue of Country Living.

Kendall and Terry (and Charly) went to see All Shook Up tonight--which begs the question . . . HAVE YOU? I'm telling you, this is the best musical production I've seen at The Roxy--well, since the last musical production I saw at The Roxy. I can't help it--I love this theatre. Tomorrow night we'll go see Fostered Ideal, an original play written by one of the actors, Brad Vile. It received great reviews by Chris Smith at The Leaf Chronicle. It's playing for only two nights--tonight and tomorrow.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Thanks for your indulgence.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Some Pics from the Bridal Show

I met some wonderful professionals yesterday. The resources available here in Clarksville are numerous and varied. Here are some pics from the show:

Here's Lisbeth--my sales rep from Two's Company. What a sport . . . all the way from Nashville and just a little pregnant to boot!
Here is Vanna Fender looking through our favorite Mindy Weiss item--the Ultimate Organizer. This book has everything you need to know to plan your wedding--things you didn't know you needed to know. There's a place to write it all down. It'll make a great remembrance, too--fun to go back and flip through after the wedding.
It even comes in its own handy, dandy carrying case.
All in all, it was a good day. I'll blog about it again later, with details about the pros I know!
Thanks for your indulgence.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Web Sites and Brides

Have you had a chance to check out my new look? The Hodgepodge website has evolved--it is amazing! Kendall, my incredibly talented sister, has given the web site a face lift and I love it. I promise her to leave it alone for at least a year. I may request a little Botox, but definitely not another face lift! (Click here to visit Kendall's web site.)

This weekend will find me at the Clarksville Brides event of the season. We're all set to participate in the bridal show, to be held at Austin Peay State University on Sunday, August 10th from noon until 4 PM. We will offer information regarding our registry service, a brand new line from Two's Company and Mindy Weiss and the unique gift items available at Hodgepodge. Mindy Weiss is the consummate wedding planner--visit here for her CV--and you can benefit from her experience and wealth of knowledge right here at Hodgepodge! This is our first year to participate in this event and we're very excited about it.

Let me suggest that you--if you're a bride-to-be--you visit two valuable resources . . . Mindy's tips and the Clarksville Brides blog.

I'll post some pics from the event later this weekend. I hope you all have a good weekend.

Thanks for your indulgence!


PS I'm watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. Anyone else notice that our professional athletes (namely the redeem team) couldn't be bothered to wave? Some had removed parts of their uniforms (okay, I'm a military spouse). In my opinion, we've made a huge mistake with our national obsession over professional athletes. Their inflated sense of self-worth is especially embarrassing in this world wide arena. Just my opinion.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's First Thursday

It's the first Thursday of the month and you know what that means . . . it's ART WALK and WINE night in historic downtown Clarksville.

At Hodgepodge you'll find Madge Patton, Reisa Peters and Judy Lewis. You'll also find beer rather than wine at Hodgepodge--it's hot, I want a beer!

At The Roxy you'll find Gail Meyers.

At the Downtown Artists Co-op you'll find Betty Liles and Nada Fuqua.

There will be other artists works displayed up-and-down Franklin Street.

Rather than spell it all out here, however, I'm going to take this opportunity draw your attention to three sources of news and happenings here in Clarksville.

First, we have had the support of The Leaf Chronicle for years. We can always count on our friends--especially Stacy Smith Segovia--to share information regarding the arts downtown. Then there's Clarksville Online--a wonderful web-based news, information and opinion source for anyone who wants to find-out about Clarksville. Finally, a relative newcomer to the scene, Clarksville Spotlight. I turn to these sources everyday--I hope you find them as informative and useful as I.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hi . . . my name is Paige . . .

and I'm a magazine addict.

Do you have this problem?

At last count (about two seconds ago) I have a subscription to Country Living, Country Home, Home Companion, Victoria (thank goodness it's back), House Beautiful, Bon Appetit, Architectural Digest, Time (a free trial). I've cut back by about four others! Then, I selflessly have a regularly inventory of Romantic Homes delivered to the shop so you can purchase them for yourself (at 20% off of cover, every month). Then there are about four magazines directly related to being a business owner! Not to mention the occasional magazine I can't resist at the check-out counter--Prevention, Cooking Light, Southern Living, and others.

I was flipping through my September Romantic Homes and finding inspiration on every page. I love that they feature a shopkeeper in every issue (maybe . . . one day . . .); I love the "We Love" and "Make It" pages; the "browsing" pages also feed my shopkeeper curiosity; this month's feature article entitled "Bird House" is page after page of eye-candy! I always enjoy any contribution by Elizabeth Maxson--my style guru. Other contributors, as it turns out, are also authors of some of my favorite blogs, Sandra Everston and Tara Frey. I do find it interesting that this month's featured shopkeeper is closing the shop they featured--announced on her website. She clearly has talent and has achieved great things--guess it's just time to move on.

[Dear Editors of (insert name of any aforementioned magazine here)--I'm available! I'll be here. I will remain your dedicated and obedient servant.]
Thanks for your indulgence!

PS Christmas in July . . . and August is winding down--so is the selection.

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