Monday, December 28, 2009

Appears-to-be-an-Annual Christmas Sale

Time to head down to Hodgepodge a scoop-up some ridiculously great deals on Christmas ornaments and decor. Decor includes things like Santas, snowmen, bottle brush trees, and coir mats.

The sale will only last until Saturday, Jan 2nd, so don't wait--get in here and steal this stuff from me!

Oh yeah--this seems like a good time to mention our special hours for this week:

New Year's Eve, Thursday, Dec 31st we'll close at 3 PM

New Year's Day, Friday, Jan 1st, we're closed

Saturday, Jan 2nd--it's business as usual
See you downtown!
Thanks for your indulgence.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Anne Head

. . . come on down! Your the next winner on the Hodgepodge blog giveaway! In our very scientific manner ("Pick a number between blah and blah.") You're comment was chosen! All of the comments were great--I love hearing from so many people who share similar interests and memories! Anne Shirley would say we've found our kindred spirits.

I have a couple more sale items up my sleeve.
Are you ready?

All of our Debbee Thilbault American Collectibles are going to be included in this special blog discounts--so for the rest of the week they are 20% off!

I don't remember ever offering these items at a discount--they are collectibles. Numbered and signed.

This sale isn't just for local folks--I can ship these items anywhere in the US. Just call me during regular business hours (Tues - Sat, 10 am - 6 pm and Mon 11 am - 3 pm)--we'll get them to you!

Hope everyone is having fun getting ready for the holidays! More decorating posts later.

Thanks for your indulgence~Paige

Thursday, December 17, 2009

gifts & decorating ideas, part three

This post is mostly gifts . . . for that girlfriend, niece or co-worker you still have on your list.

Who wouldn't appreciate the gift of an indulgent treat from Archipelago Botanicals? We have lotions, bath cubes, body butter, lip balms and more! All AB bath and body products will be 20% off thru Christmas Eve for you, my blog readers!

These hip and happenin' wristlet wallets and their matching totes are already incredibly affordable--now you can generously give them together at 20% off. I'll include the matching card holders--not pictured here--in the discount offer.

These velvet applique scarves are beautiful and sophisticated. They are 20% off until Christmas. I'll include the pashmina and cashmere (pictured on the right) scarves, too.

I hope these ideas spark some ideas of your own. Please stop in at Hodgepodge and let us help you choose the perfect gift for those on your list.

Don't forget to leave your comment on my previous post for a chance to win some wine glasses.

Thanks for your indulgence~Paige

Monday, December 14, 2009

Gifts & Decorating Ideas, part two

You know one of my favorite topics is table settings--I love dishes, glassware and flatware. I always have. Ever since I can remember, I've taken note of the silverware, china and stemware used to by members of my family and their friends. I wasn't checking it as a "status" thing--I was taking note for my future table. My mother's "good china" is a beautiful, classic white china with fluted edges and a fine platinum line on the edge. Her flatware is similarly classic. She's very practical--it's easy to coordinate the classics. Her table is always beautiful. As far as I know, my Aunt Billie (Dad's sister) has always used a mix of blue transferware--I think she has a formal setting, but I don't remember it--the mix made it's impression. I have my Grandmother's silverplate tea service (although my mother didn't recognize it on her visit this Summer--a little tarnished, but displayed and loved!). Grandmom was a lot more--ummm, formal (??) than the rest of us. Lots of flowers and lots of gold--that's what I remember about her table setting. I'm sure there have been many other influences on my table settings--books, magazines, etc.

I think a lot of families create their best memories around the table. So, in an effort to help you create your memories and/or memories for your kids I'm offering all of the dishes and glassware available at Hodgepodge at 20% off--now thru Christmas Eve.

I hope you see something you like. I hope the 20% discount encourages you do make a change on your table this season.

Do you have memories of special table settings? I'd love to hear about them. (NOTE: Contest/Give Away ahead--proceed with great abandon!) Perhaps I can add 8 new wine glasses to your setting. I need you to leave a comment here by, ummm . . . let's say Friday. Good luck!

Are you Merry? Be Merry!

Thanks for your indulgence!

Friday, December 11, 2009

a bonus film

How to decorate your mantle:

(These candelabras are part of the "candle holder" sale!)
Thanks for your indulgence!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gift & Decorating Ideas, part one

As promised, the gift giving and decorating ideas begin . . . this happens to be two for one! Candle holders--for pillars, tapers or votives.

They're appreciated as gifts because everyone uses candles. They're useful in decoration because they bring a sense of elegance and romance to any arrangement or setting. Here is a sampling of the candle holders you will find at Hodgepodge this holiday season:

This set of pillar holders look like liquid silver--they have a faux bois look that adds textural interest. They're lovely in a variety of settings.
These crystal taper holders have the classic star design so popular this time of year, but appropriate year-round. I love the icy feeling these blue tapers add to the look.
This is classic metal candelabra from our Mary Carol Collection. We've decorated with this candelabra in a variety of vignettes--including a spooky Halloween setting! It's a very versatile piece.
This tole candelabra is a personal favorite--do you know how hard it is to not bring everything home? It's absolutely lovely. I like it best with our espresso brown candles.
These votive stakes add a festive touch just about anywhere--in your potted plants especially. A planter filled with dirt or sand and topped with sheet moss would be a great centerpiece when filled with a variety of these stakes.

Mercury glass candle sticks--a classic.

These candle sticks resemble a stack of terra cotta pots--
wonderful for the gardener in you family.
One last sample of the beautiful, unique candle holders you'll find at Hodgepodge . . . this pillar hurricane on a metal base is quite stunning.
It will make a lasting impression on your table or mantle.

Remember all gift/decorating items I mention here in the blog will be available at a 20% discount for one week from the date of posting. This includes any candle holders in the shop--not just the ones mentioned here. It does not, however, include the candles. You have to mention the discount at check-out, because we're not promoting it in the shop. This is just for my blog followers. If you'd like tips for using these items in your home decor, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance when you're in the shop.

Thanks for your indulgence!

Friday, December 4, 2009

bethany lowe tree

Here is our Bethany Lowe Tree. My, how it has grown from last year's table top tree!

Lots of drama with this impressive drop ornament--surprisingly,

the lease expensive on the tree!

I'm a huge fan of birds--this is, by far, the most beautiful!

a glitter star burst.

a beautiful reproduction ornament.

a tinsel star with glass ornaments--looks like it's from Oma's attic!

more tinsel and glass

this topper isn't from bethany lowe, but works well with the look.

this one is from wendy addison--her beautiful glass glitter and a wonderful wire wrap.

As I said, the tree grew, but only in proportion to the level of interest in the ornaments last year. Let me tell you, well worth it! These ornaments are the ones your kids will hand down to their kids.

I'll focus on gift ideas next week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Thanks for your indulgence.

The White Tree

The white tree is a tradition at Hodgepodge. It's the tree I've always wanted, but couldn't justify--so . . . I have it at Hodgepodge (heck, I'm there more than I'm at home!). This year's tree has the addition of a few creative touches, but I have noticed a tragic missing element on most of my trees . . . a garland! This one had one--actually many, in the form of short lengths of beaded garland, which hang like ornaments, from hooks. They're extremely easy to work with--much easier than long, continuous lengths of garland--such as ribbon. You can still see a few here, but most have gone home with customers. So--lesson learned this year--use a garland that I don't intend to sell, so the tree stays somewhat pulled-together, even as customers take it apart! And please, PLEASE take it apart!
Here's a beautiful deviation from the typical white and silver we use on the white tree--
an aqua finial.
Our classic house and church ornaments--with a cool little hole in the back for the light!

Snowflakes--a must!
(Plus, a glimpse of the aforementioned bead garland!)
Wendy Addison ornaments are also a tradition at Hodgepodge--
"JOY" is just one of many.

More Wendy Addison . . .

The newest addition to the white tree--
silver, glitter picks, placed in the tree. WOW! The impact!
Okay--looking for glimmer and shine? Perhaps you need a lot of ornaments for all of your friends at the office . . . boy can we help with that!
We have dozens to choose from--like this snowflake.
Wendy Addison does it again with this beautiful, glass glitter dove.

There are so many ornaments in this area--too many to show here, but rest assured we have something you'd love. Whether you're a shabby chic-style decorator or a traditional decorator--you'll find something on this tree to love.

Thanks for you indulgence!

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