Thursday, May 31, 2012

June Workshops

Annie Sloan Chalk PaintTM Brand Decorative Paints

Programming note: All classes require advanced registration and a minimum enrollment. Deadlines are three days prior to event.

June 10th or 20th—Chalk PaintTM Brand Decorative Paints Basics Workshop

In this workshop, participants will learn everything they need to know to tackle their first or fifth painting project. You will have hands-on experience with three painting techniques. We will go over basic distressing and crackling techniques, as well as wax washing. Participants will learn to properly and effectively apply Clear and Dark Wax. Participants will also paint their own complete palette of Chalk PaintTM Brand Decorative Paints. This palette will be ideal for determining which colors will work best in your home. Throughout the four-hour workshop, we will regale you with enormous amounts of information about Annie Sloan, her creative process and, of course, Chalk PaintTM Brand Decorative Paints. $125 June 10 from noon – 4 PM and June 20 from 9 am – 1 pm

workshop two

June 6th or 16th—Chalk PaintTM Brand Decorative Paints Redux Workshop

This workshop will teach participants the three basic techniques and wax application described in the Basic Workshops only. You will have hands-on experience with three painting techniques. We will go over basic distressing and crackling techniques, as well as wax washing. Participants will learn to properly and effectively apply Clear and Dark Wax. (No palette, sorry but this is a budget offering.) Workshops will last approximately 2 hours. $75 June 6th from 9 – 11 a.m.; June 16th from 1-3 PM

workshop 1

June 9th and 16th—Let’s Get Started

This is for those of you who just want to get started painting your first piece of furniture. Bring your own piece of furniture to our workshop space and we will paint it together. During this workshop, you will have unlimited guidance from your favorite local retail partner, umm . . . that would be me. In addition to the “technical expertise,” I will provide the paint and wax you need to tackle your project. We will work from 8 – 11 each morning. You are responsible for bringing your furniture to the shop. The fee will include up to two Chalk Paint™ colors, wax and other supplies needed (such as brushes and sand paper). We will learn from each other along the way. Join us. $175 June 9 & 16 from 8 – 11 a.m.


June 19th—Lighten Up, Chalk Paint is easy

This is a workshop designed to help you salvage that old lamp you were planning to toss in the trash. Bring your own lamp (or one you pick-up at the flea market) and we will teach you to transform it into a show piece for you home. Three techniques will be offered—you choose your favorite. All supplies needed are provided—except the lamp. $45 begins at 9 a.m.—about 1 ½ - 2 hours (depending on your technique).

lamps ASCP

June 7 and 21—Wax on, Wax off

And finally . . .for those of you who just want to learn how to apply the wax—let’s face it, you know you’re stressin’ about it—we offer this mini-workshop. Learn how to apply clear and dark wax on a distressed finish in less than an hour. Fee: $20* Drop-in between 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. (does not require registration)


*this fee will be applied as a credit toward any workshop over $100 if you register within one week of your Wax on, Wax off workshop.

Check your calendar—workshops are filling-up!  Call us to register today.  931.647.0444

Thanks for your indulgence,


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yup—You can even paint that!

Argh!  You find a great deal on the table you’ve bee looking for, but—dang it—it has a laminate surface.  Not a problem, just grab your Annie Sloan Chalk PaintTM and get busy!

Here is my table.  I’ve been using it for a painting surface, now it is time to paint it.

card table entire

Because it has this laminate—super shiney, smooth surface—I decided to break the surface tension with some sand paper.

card table tight

Here’s how it looked with a little scruffing.

CT sanded surface

A closer look at the sanding I did, plus the colors I’ve chosen (Annie Sloan Chalk PaintTM in Country Grey on the left and Graphite on the right).

CT colors and sand

First, the Graphite.

CT adding graphite

Then the addition of the Country Grey.

CT add country grey

I decided to try the Country Grey on the top, too, using a wet rag distressing method.  What do you think?

CT wet aged

Then the addition of Clear, then Dark wax.CT waxing

Yeah?  Me neither.  So we are back in black!  I just did a quick coat of graphite again, clear and dark wax again.

Much better.


Now it is ready to  be put into service at your next bridge game or bunko night.

Thanks for your indulgence!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Mint Juleps for Mama

when:  May 10th

time:  all day (see below for specific activities)

Everyone’s invited—this event is for Mamas

and anyone who has one!

It’s time to celebrate the time honored traditions of the Run for the Roses and Mother’s Day. As far as I know, we are the only boutique that combines the two into a celebration known as

“Mint Juleps for Mama.”


This year we’re adding a little more to our celebration to include informative seminars, demonstrations and activities throughout the day.

For some participatory activities, you may wish to try our mini-workshops we’re calling:

“Make and Take”

Our first project opportunity will be to make Bird House Wall Art with Ryan and Travis. The project only takes a few minutes and will lend itself to many decorative uses in your home. They will offer this Make and Take at 11 AM and again at 5:30 PM. A small fee of $5 will be charged and pre-registration is encouraged as space is limited.


bird house frame

bird house wall frame

We will offer mini-workshops to learn a basic application for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ and waxes. There is a fee associated with this class, but for this special event, the cost is only $5—one-sixth of the regular cost of $30. These projects will be available at 11 AM, noon and 1 PM. Sign-up when you get to the shop and we will assign you a time to start.

mini ASCP workshop

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Make and Take

At 6:15 PM we will have Nancy Telford, RN, MSN, here to talk to us about flower essences and essential oils for the home. Nancy’s nursing experience spans more than 30 years, but for the past 23 years she has extensively studied mind-body health, energy therapies, and natural therapies that promote balance and health. You can find her at holistic health care practice, Radiance, on Jefferson Street downtown.

nancy telford

Nancy Telford

Jennifer Stewart is also going to talk with us about Mindful Housekeeping. Jennifer is the owner of Jen’s Housekeeping. She is an advocate for the environment and chemical-free alternatives for safely cleaning your home. She can be found at Jen’s Housekeeping Service on Facebook every day and at Hodgepodge at 6:45 PM during this event!

jenifer stewart

Jennifer Stewart with her daughters

We will also be hosting Elizabeth Vaughn of Artistic Works by Lu. Elizabeth reps this beautiful line of handcrafted jewelry in the Ft. Campbell/Clarksville area. She will have her entire selection of gorgeous jewelry available for purchase at Hodgepodge from 5 – 8 PM.

lu chains and crosses

Artistic Works by Lu

Refreshments will be available throughout the day, but—in an attempt to appear civilized—the Julep punch won’t be offered until after five.

So tell them family it’s “fend for yourself night” and join us!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Dead Shrub Alibi

Dear Downtown neighbors,

I can explain this dead shrub . . .

dead shrub

. . . or, more to the point, why it is still in front of my shop.

You see, about two weeks ago, someone helped themselves to this one . . .

missing shrub

. . . pot and all!  (Usually they just yank them out and toss them down the sidewalk.)

So, I decided to just let its sister shrub go—yes, I withheld water.  Cruel, I know, but  it really wouldn’t fit into my garden at home.

On the day that we (my fellow downtown merchants and I) were filling the planters along the street with beautiful spring flowers, I decided I would pull-out the dead shrub and plant some new tropical plants I’ve purchased for the summer months.

ryan planting flower pots

(This is Ryan Bowie—he is an actor and the Director of Fund Raising and Development at The Roxy Regional Theatre, but he also helps at Hodgepodge on Sundays AND has an amazingly green thumb!)

When I headed for the shrub—ready to yank it out—a sparrow took flight from inside the crispy, dried not-so-evergreen.  I decided I’d better take a look and sure enough, there was a nest with several little eggs.  Mama immediately started yelling at me to get away, so I did.

My camera batteries had died, otherwise I’d have pictures of those beautiful eggs to show, but when I returned on Monday,with fully charged batteries, this is what I saw . . .

baby birds

I have been watching closely, but not too closely.  They are getting bigger and, while I’m ready to put my new plants in place, I think I’ll miss checking on these little guys.

So that’s the story of the delayed spring beautification in front of Hodgepodge.  I hope my neighbors understand.

Thanks for your indulgence!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Salsa

It’s Cinco de Mayo and I’ve decided that my contribution will be to share my favorite salsa recipe with my readers.  It’s super easy and very tasty.  It’s adapted from a recipe my friend, Bellamy shared with me years ago when we were living in Georgia.
So here’s what you need:
salsa ingredients
3 cans of Mexican Recipe Stewed tomatoes
1 bunch of fresh cilantro
1 small red onion
pickled jalapeños, to taste
sea salt, to taste
Step 1
Dump one can of tomatoes into your food processor or blender, along with the leafy ends (stems and all) of your cilantro
salsa, step 1
Pulse until it looks like this:salsa, step 2
Step 2
Empty first batch from the food processor into a mixing bowl.
Dump the second can of tomatoes into the food processor, along with the onion.  I usually quarter my onion before throwing it in.  Pulse until it is the same consistency as above, then add to the mixing bowl.
salsa, step 3

Step 3
Dump the last can of tomatoes into the food processor, along with a couple tablespoons of jalapeños.*  Pulse the food processor, then add to mixing bowl. 
salsa, step 4
* for a spicy salsa, add more jalapeños or some of the pickling juice; I also prefer fresh jalapeños (cored and seeded), but the pickled ones are usually on hand when I decide to make salsa.
Add salt to taste, but I usually don’t add any, as our favorite chips are pretty salty.
chips for salsa
I hope you enjoy!  I know my family does.
finished chips and salsa
Now, I think I’ll go paint something using Annie Sloan Chalk PaintTM Barcelona Orange—I feel like painting with a bright color today!
Happy Cinco de Mayo!
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