Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yup—You can even paint that!

Argh!  You find a great deal on the table you’ve bee looking for, but—dang it—it has a laminate surface.  Not a problem, just grab your Annie Sloan Chalk PaintTM and get busy!

Here is my table.  I’ve been using it for a painting surface, now it is time to paint it.

card table entire

Because it has this laminate—super shiney, smooth surface—I decided to break the surface tension with some sand paper.

card table tight

Here’s how it looked with a little scruffing.

CT sanded surface

A closer look at the sanding I did, plus the colors I’ve chosen (Annie Sloan Chalk PaintTM in Country Grey on the left and Graphite on the right).

CT colors and sand

First, the Graphite.

CT adding graphite

Then the addition of the Country Grey.

CT add country grey

I decided to try the Country Grey on the top, too, using a wet rag distressing method.  What do you think?

CT wet aged

Then the addition of Clear, then Dark wax.CT waxing

Yeah?  Me neither.  So we are back in black!  I just did a quick coat of graphite again, clear and dark wax again.

Much better.


Now it is ready to  be put into service at your next bridge game or bunko night.

Thanks for your indulgence!


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