Sunday, June 29, 2008

to share or not to share

that is the question.

Well, I've decided it's better to share, than to keep it from you, my loyal customers and friends. Many of you already know this, but I make regular monthly treks to the Nashville Flea Market to load up on some of the vintage treasures we offer at Hodgepodge. Many folks will think I've shown my hand and I'll never see you in the shop again--as I'll lose you to your own flea marketing efforts and you'll by-pass this "middle man." Perhaps this is a tactical error, but I figure those of you who have the bug already frequent the flea market and those of you who don't, should give it a try. Many of you don't have the time or desire to go out there and hunt for the perfect ______ (fill-in the blank), so my efforts will still be needed/appreciated. I'll tell you there is a lot to see and much to learn at this flea market.

Kendall is my regular date for the flea market. One day a month we both look forward to as an opportunity to spend time together sifting through the layers and layers of stuff to find the item a customer desires or something we've decided we need for the shop. We've made some good friends and have regular vendors we like to visit (they don't mind seeing us come, either!). We almost always fill the Suburban (Flo); sometimes we fill Flo AND the trailer (those are particularly good times!). We've ventured to other locales--Hazel, KY and Springfield, TN--and have had some success, but we like the Nashville flea market best.

We always have fun and always marvel at how much money we spend, as everything we buy "was such a great deal!" Regardless, it's a good time and we're never disappointed we went. We snapped some shots of the vendors set-up today. Just a sampling of what you'll find.

The temperature was perfect--no need for these classics, but fans always catch my eye.

Both Kendall and Nikki are quilt-o-philes, so I'm always drawn to them as well!

Another draw for me, pretty glass--especially, aqua bottles.

Do you have any local antique haunts that call you? Another flea market you like to frequent? Feel free to share them here. We'd love to read about them.

Thanks for your indulgence!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Feeling a little redundant

Okay--she can run the shop, she can troubleshoot problems and she can even insinuate herself into my blog, but she cannot keep petunia baskets alive! Needless-to-say, in the grand scheme of things, a non-issue (petunias). This is my official, hats off, you're the best, thank you, thank you, thank you to Kendall. She kept the shop afloat long enough for me to rejuvenate and refresh with my family.
Below is a pic of our other sister, Nikki, and I enjoying the gift of fine wine from Kendall. Those of you who know us may wish to enlarge the picture--not to check-out the gray hair and wrinkles--check-out the label.

I'll try not to burden you with too many pics of the family, but here we are at our collective favorite place on earth--our Aunt and Uncle's (now belonging to our cousin) cabin on Nomini Creek in Mt. Holly, VA. Do I look refreshed? I felt refreshed. We go from bathing suit to PJs to bathing suit--with not outside eyes to critique the choice of bathing suits, it's a great escape! Then, a quick trip to Fairfax to see Mom, Dad and Grandmom for a few days and a late flight out of BWI to Nashville. And I'm back!

I have to tell you, though, as much as I enjoyed my respite, I experienced a true sense of joy walking through the door of Hodgepodge today. It's good to be home.

Kendall already announced some of our new arrivals, so i don't have anything new to share, but I will confirm her opinion of the new stuff. I love the flatware box--sold the last two the day they came in, so you may want to make your move quickly! The wine glass holders are finally in, too!

I'm preparing to take some permanent markdowns on some of our stuff. We need to make room (and money) for my trip to the Atlanta market in three weeks. This might be a good time to run in and check-out the bargains.

Oh yes, there is one --okay, two--pictures she left for me to show you:Love this majolica-style dinner ware.

What a great table setting. The new dinnerware is made in Portugal--refreshing, eh?

Well, thanks for reading.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

The cats away....

You know the old saying "when the cats away, the mice will play?" Well, SQUEAK SQUEAK!

This is Kendall, NOT Paige. Paige has gone on vacation for the first time in 3 1/2 years - basically since she opened Hodgepodge! So the nut left me behind and to be true to little sister form, I have to put my nose in all things that are my sisters! It is my obligation to be a pesky sister you know!

Since I have started my own business, I really don't have the time to work at Hodgepodge as much as I used too - so you will have to bare with me as I get all excited about some boxes I got to open today & yesterday.
First is this darling little suitcase. It comes in a set/3 and it perfect for all kinds of storage solutions. The second I opened this box, I put on behind the counter for a birthday party my daughter is going to this weekend (Birthday Girl's Mom - you know who you are!! Just acted SURPRISED when you see it!)
Then, the purse my girlfriend wanted so bad arrived, and with it came THESE bags.


Then a bunch of new stuff came in from one of my fav vendors.

Well, I better sign off and get some more stuff marked in. It has been great to see some of my old friends here at Hodgepodge the last couple days (Taylor, Debbie - and many more!!) Keep visiting! I am here until next Tuesday when Paige returns all tan and refreshed - and ready to head out to MARKET!
Bright blessings to everyone!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sometimes it's Simple

Occasionally, it's a simple change that makes you the happiest.

Late yesterday afternoon, after a very hectic day of chasing around from a meeting, to the shop, to the embroiderer, to the PX, to the doc--all before noon--then back to the shop (after a restful stop with the doctor, thanks to his extremely late arrival). Took care of few details, then decided I wanted to do something creative. After pricing a few silver plated trays we've had in the shop for awhile, I was trying to decide where to display them. We usually disperse them throughout the store, but I love them displayed together. So, I set about looking for my target area. It didn't take long to choose my location. You see in the picture below, that I decided to tweak the display by adding a few mirrored and glittery touches.

The mirrored hooks, mirrored picture frames and the silver glass glitter icons from Wendy Addison mimic the base design, but add reflective qualities that my refusal-to-polish silver tones down.

If I were hanging these in my home--and I will be repeating this theme at home--I would stick to the trays only.
As I was deciding to feature this simple display, I started thinking about other displays which are simple and pleasing. Here are few I found around the house:

Aqua Ball jars are one of my favorite simple accessories--as you can see. The top picture shows a collection of Ball jars in a three tier display. I usually drop a tealight into each jar--using it to provide a beautiful illumination. The display of jars across the fireplace mantle, paired with a vintage bellow and stars constructed of folding rulers used by carpenters (a favorite "play thing" in Dad's toolbox!).

This is a simple, functional display. The peg rack is topped with a shelf which holds a few obvious items, including an unframed painting of poppies. I've also draped a piece of crocheted lace on the corner,which serves as the perfect place to store my earrings. Then, the necklaces hanging from he pegs are almost decorative accessories!

On a somber note: I'm sure you've already done so, but I'll ask you to do it again . . . send out a prayer, a blessing, some good karma (whatever floats your faith) for those folks in Iowa. Those Boy Scouts demonstrated tremendous skill, courage and faith throughout this ordeal. Those evacuating and helping-out due to the floods. They can all use our prayers.
Do you have any simple displays which make you proud? I'd love to hear about them or see them. Please leave a comment.
Thanks for your indulgence!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dad's Day

Okay--just checked the calendar and guess what? Your Father's Day card should be in the mail! It's only 5 days away! So, here are some ideas for gifts:

What's more manly than a buck holding a candle stick?

Dad would enjoy any of these cds--The Best of the Blues, Nat King Cole, Jazz Greats vol. 2, Legends of Big Band and Jazz Masters.

Objects are larger than they appear. This beautiful magnifying glass has a real horn handle.

You'll restrict his use of this soap--he should only smell like a Southern Man when he's going to be with you!

Here are some handmade glasses with guys in mind, pilsner glasses and beer mugs. Who wouldn't enjoy a cold glass of lemonade in one of these?

These are handcrafted ball point and fountain pens. The perfect gift for Dad.

This cute guy is part of a set of three scented owl soaps, packaged so attractively in this wood-tone box.

These frames are the perfect compliment for the magnifying glass shown above--also made from horn.

Whoo wouldn't enjoy these wise guys?

They're the perfect paper weight and gladly keeps his correspondence properly stacked on the desk.

Who knew Hodgepodge had so many options for dad? For guys?! I'm rather pleased with this selection.

Oh wait! There's one I forgot to add the picture for--an apron for the grilling dad. It's made of a sturdy denim, has two pockets and adjustable neck and ties.

Thanks for your indulgence.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wedding Bells are Ringing

And gifts are needed, so we at Hodgepodge have put together a few ideas. We set some price categories, then made several selections in each. I most cases we have several of each item in inventory, but not all, so if you see something you like/need, email me right away!

If we're sold out of these items--don't worry, we've got lots of ideas for you!

Gift for $25 or under:

A slate cheese board and 4-piece set of cheese utensils for $24.95. The newlyweds can begin entertaining immediately!

A set of three french inspired tea towels, only $19.95. Neutral enough to fit in any home.

Sea shell hors d'oeuvre pics only $6.25.

Magnifying glass with cut-crystal end for $19.80. A classic home accent for anyone.

Gifts between $25 - 35.

Cabbage leaf bowl, plate and spoon set for $28.95. Throw in a jar of roasted red pepper and olive salsa for an additional $8.95 (sorry, makes it $37.90--we're over budget!).

These elaborate molded frames are a mere $34.95 each--perfect for holding the favorite picture of the lovely couple!

Glass, brass and porcelain doorknobs now serve second-life as bottle corks--$26 - 28; paired with a favorite bottle of wine to toast the couple, this would be an ideal gift.

handmade photo album with mother-of-pearl buttons--a beautiful keepsake for only $28.

A beautiful set of quality, wood handled cheese utensils for $34.95--everyone loves cheese!

Gifts between $35 - 50

This a beautiful nickel finished cake pedestal with a classic beaded edge. It will work with any style chosen by the bride and groom for the dining area. A great deal at $36.

Seeded mexican glassware--four margarita glasses and a salter for $46.

Gifts for $50 or more

Set of three "flea market" mixing bowls in goes-with-everything white, $51.95.

A two-tier server, perfect for buffets or just sitting on the counter to hold frequently used spices and oils. A wonderfully useful item for any home, only $77.95. (it's the only one we have--so if you like this one, let us know!)

A personal favorite, this set of four silver plated mint julep cups, $75. Consider having them engraved for another $20!

Our final recommendation is this ceramic drink dispenser for $112.50. Can't you just taste the ice cold limeade?

I hope these suggestions have proven useful. As mentioned earlier, we've got lots more where these came from! Let Hodgepodge help you with all of your gift giving needs.

As always, thanks for your indulgence!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June Art Walk and Wine

This Thursday, June 5th, the streets of Historic Downtown Clarksville will come alive with the arts, as it does every first Thursday of each month.

Hodgepodge, in particular, will be host to two extremely talented individuals.

Judy Lewis, a native to Clarksville, as been a resident of several different cities in the U.S., has returned to settle in a home she is currently restoring. She has found the time to establish a foundation for her business here in Clarksville--the creation of fine art. She has been honing her talents for 25 years and her works dot the country. Judy will bring a selection of her work for your pleasure. She will be displaying several of her works as a portrait artist. You'll love the realism and her ability to capture the spirit of the subject. Judy has also produced a number of works focused on local sites.

You'll also have the opportunity to meet and greet Patsy Dollar, "The Loose Potter." Patsy has traveled extensively and lived throughout the U.S. courtesy of the US Army. She started working with poured ceramics in 1980, at a local ceramics shop. Since then, she has expanded into working with thrown clay pottery. Specializing in teapots, face canisters and Blessing Bowls, she "attempts to capture the movement of life within the clay and put it in a functional form with positive affirmations."

As always, Hodgepodge will provide refreshments for your enjoyment throughout the evening.

A new feature to art walk will be the members of Clarksville Independent Artists, located at the corner of Legion and 2nd Streets. Specifically, Pat Jones (last month at Hodgepodge) will be there! You'll also find new art displays at Posh and The Roxy. The Downtown Artists Co-op is opening its annual membership exhibit, where you'll find more than 60 new works on display.
Please remember to shop Pal's Package Store and tell the folks there how much you appreciate their generous support of the wine tastings at The Roxy. Without their kind contributions, we'd likely have to remove the "wine" from our Art Walk and Wine.

See you Thursday!
Thanks for your indulgence.
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