Thursday, June 19, 2008

The cats away....

You know the old saying "when the cats away, the mice will play?" Well, SQUEAK SQUEAK!

This is Kendall, NOT Paige. Paige has gone on vacation for the first time in 3 1/2 years - basically since she opened Hodgepodge! So the nut left me behind and to be true to little sister form, I have to put my nose in all things that are my sisters! It is my obligation to be a pesky sister you know!

Since I have started my own business, I really don't have the time to work at Hodgepodge as much as I used too - so you will have to bare with me as I get all excited about some boxes I got to open today & yesterday.
First is this darling little suitcase. It comes in a set/3 and it perfect for all kinds of storage solutions. The second I opened this box, I put on behind the counter for a birthday party my daughter is going to this weekend (Birthday Girl's Mom - you know who you are!! Just acted SURPRISED when you see it!)
Then, the purse my girlfriend wanted so bad arrived, and with it came THESE bags.


Then a bunch of new stuff came in from one of my fav vendors.

Well, I better sign off and get some more stuff marked in. It has been great to see some of my old friends here at Hodgepodge the last couple days (Taylor, Debbie - and many more!!) Keep visiting! I am here until next Tuesday when Paige returns all tan and refreshed - and ready to head out to MARKET!
Bright blessings to everyone!

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Jennifer said...

I was surprised!!! I love them and so does Marlena. She will have hours of fun playing with them and putting special things inside each one. They are so much fun, the way the nest inside of each other reminds me of a matryoshka doll. Thanks!!

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