Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wedding Bells are Ringing

And gifts are needed, so we at Hodgepodge have put together a few ideas. We set some price categories, then made several selections in each. I most cases we have several of each item in inventory, but not all, so if you see something you like/need, email me right away!

If we're sold out of these items--don't worry, we've got lots of ideas for you!

Gift for $25 or under:

A slate cheese board and 4-piece set of cheese utensils for $24.95. The newlyweds can begin entertaining immediately!

A set of three french inspired tea towels, only $19.95. Neutral enough to fit in any home.

Sea shell hors d'oeuvre pics only $6.25.

Magnifying glass with cut-crystal end for $19.80. A classic home accent for anyone.

Gifts between $25 - 35.

Cabbage leaf bowl, plate and spoon set for $28.95. Throw in a jar of roasted red pepper and olive salsa for an additional $8.95 (sorry, makes it $37.90--we're over budget!).

These elaborate molded frames are a mere $34.95 each--perfect for holding the favorite picture of the lovely couple!

Glass, brass and porcelain doorknobs now serve second-life as bottle corks--$26 - 28; paired with a favorite bottle of wine to toast the couple, this would be an ideal gift.

handmade photo album with mother-of-pearl buttons--a beautiful keepsake for only $28.

A beautiful set of quality, wood handled cheese utensils for $34.95--everyone loves cheese!

Gifts between $35 - 50

This a beautiful nickel finished cake pedestal with a classic beaded edge. It will work with any style chosen by the bride and groom for the dining area. A great deal at $36.

Seeded mexican glassware--four margarita glasses and a salter for $46.

Gifts for $50 or more

Set of three "flea market" mixing bowls in goes-with-everything white, $51.95.

A two-tier server, perfect for buffets or just sitting on the counter to hold frequently used spices and oils. A wonderfully useful item for any home, only $77.95. (it's the only one we have--so if you like this one, let us know!)

A personal favorite, this set of four silver plated mint julep cups, $75. Consider having them engraved for another $20!

Our final recommendation is this ceramic drink dispenser for $112.50. Can't you just taste the ice cold limeade?

I hope these suggestions have proven useful. As mentioned earlier, we've got lots more where these came from! Let Hodgepodge help you with all of your gift giving needs.

As always, thanks for your indulgence!


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I tasted some ice cold tea from one of these at a friend's house last week, and now I have ceramic dispenser lust. :~)

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