Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dad's Day

Okay--just checked the calendar and guess what? Your Father's Day card should be in the mail! It's only 5 days away! So, here are some ideas for gifts:

What's more manly than a buck holding a candle stick?

Dad would enjoy any of these cds--The Best of the Blues, Nat King Cole, Jazz Greats vol. 2, Legends of Big Band and Jazz Masters.

Objects are larger than they appear. This beautiful magnifying glass has a real horn handle.

You'll restrict his use of this soap--he should only smell like a Southern Man when he's going to be with you!

Here are some handmade glasses with guys in mind, pilsner glasses and beer mugs. Who wouldn't enjoy a cold glass of lemonade in one of these?

These are handcrafted ball point and fountain pens. The perfect gift for Dad.

This cute guy is part of a set of three scented owl soaps, packaged so attractively in this wood-tone box.

These frames are the perfect compliment for the magnifying glass shown above--also made from horn.

Whoo wouldn't enjoy these wise guys?

They're the perfect paper weight and gladly keeps his correspondence properly stacked on the desk.

Who knew Hodgepodge had so many options for dad? For guys?! I'm rather pleased with this selection.

Oh wait! There's one I forgot to add the picture for--an apron for the grilling dad. It's made of a sturdy denim, has two pockets and adjustable neck and ties.

Thanks for your indulgence.


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Forget Dad! I want one of those owls!!!

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