Friday, March 9, 2012

Stop Looking

Sometimes, it’s just that simple.  Here’s why:

You live with this . . .


wondering, thinking, wishing, pouring over books and magazines for something to complete the look.

you stop looking and even thinking about it—telling yourself “the simplicity is restful and lovely.”  Then, this occurs to you. . .

headboard cone wreath

and then you’re happy!

It’s just that simple.

I’ve had the two vanity mirrors hanging with the  frame (which pays homage to our house fire of 2010—it’s charred but lovely)for nearly a year.  I’ve been trying to decide what to display in the frame ever since then, Wednesday, I walked by the vintage book cone wreath in a booth at ARTifacts (an arts and antiques emporium in Clarksville) and C-L-I-C-K!

I knew what to do.

My friends, Travis and Ryan made it, so not only have I seen them before, I knew wanted to add one to my d├ęcor, but where? C-L-I-C-K

I admit, I even had a brief flirtation with the idea that I would make one. Then I looked at the price tag of a mere $35 and thought—my time is worth $35! Besides, it’s done and hung!

So, the message of this blog post is, sometimes it’s better to stop looking so you can see what is right in front of you.  (Not exactly earth shattering—heck, not even an original thought, but appropriate!)

Thanks for your indulgence,


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