Tuesday, March 30, 2010

worth remembering

So much to write about, so little time . . .

Really, I think about this blog all of the time--the things I want to share--mainly so I can remember them later! (I've read several past posts and thought, I wrote that? or I barely remember that! Thank goodness I found the time to write it down here or it could be gone forever!)

So, the things I want to remember from recent events include:

(1) Meeting CindyKay at the Nashville Flea Market--visit here blog here. She was so down to earth it was refreshing. She, unlike many in our business, was completely open and willing to share her ideas which have contributed to her success. Liked her a lot!

(2) We delivered several pieces of furniture to a new shop in Murfreesboro. Some of our best customers are starting a venture of their own--a ladies boutique on the square in historic downtown Murfreesboro--and they purchased a good deal of their display pieces at Hodgepodge and ARTifacts! How flattering! I'll keep you posted on their plans so you can drop in to see them when you're in their area.

(3) I have an incredible staff working for me--at Hodgepodge and ARTifacts. I am superfluous! They are amazing, talented and competent and I am so very fortunate! Patty and Jennifer run Hodgepodge like it's their own, providing the best customer service I've ever seen. They both have an unfailing sense of style and work merchandise into displays that rival the famed department store windows in New York. Jill is a master of framing; with her creative eye she can make works of art come to life with her selection of mats and frames. Plus, she jumps in and provides customer service throughout the shop whenever needed. Anna and Martha are my darlings for taking on the jobs that no one wants to do. Martha tagged nearly every Christmas ornament that hit our sales floor and Anna has the thankless task of counting what was left over, as well as the rest of the shop! Plus, they add an international flair to Hodgepodge. Then there's Kendall running the show at ARTifacts. I had an idea and we had the space to make it happen--the rest has been Kendall. I'm so fortunate to have someone I like so much as a sister, too! (Sounding like a Hallmark sentiment . . .) Ashley, too, is wonderful--not only one of our talented displaying artist at ARTifacts, Ashley is also an amazingly efficient and friendly sales associate. Everyone always comments on how much they like "that young girl working upstairs."

(4) We got the claim check for the renovations to our home! Let the games begin!

(5) We had a great time having some of the folks Darren works with over for dinner. To make it even better--one of the NCOs is married to a friend I've met through the shop! I've missed being part of an Army family--glad to be back.

(6) Fillings are better (and cheaper) than root canals.

(7) Hunter earned a scholarship to study art at APSU!

(8) Old cars breakdown, but great mechanics make it hurt less--less than a root canal for one, a little more so for another.

(9) I like working on the floor of my shop and with customers much, much more than working on the computer.

There you are--a few things I wanted to be sure to remember.

I will for sure post again this week--not going to miss black friday again!

Thanks for your indulgence.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

cowgirl up!

I love cowboy or western themes--especially when mixed with florals and little lace or linen! My dream is an airstream trailer to decorate in using a western theme, from floor to ceiling. I'm not even sure I'd enjoy RV camping, but I am sure would enjoy renovating and decorating an airstream-style camper! As that's not likely to happen anytime soon, I thought about the new bedding I'll soon be choosing for our master bedroom and it occurred to me that this is my opportunity to pull together that exact look.
Here's a look at some of the combinations I've put together using these fabulous sheets with a western theme and our in stock bedding:

The vienna rose quilt ($140 full/queen) and standard shams ($35 each) with a vintage stripe dust ruffle ($75, queen) and our western sheet set ($79.95, queen).

A tight shot of the western sheet set.

This combination is wonderful with a sumptuous velvet quilt in blue ($270, full/queen), our cow camp sheet set ($79.95, queen) with our hopsack linen accents (available in euro shams, dust ruffles and accent pillows--shown here, $56 each).

(The photo isn't mine, but I had to borrow it to take photos for this post!)

A tight shot of the cow camp sheet set.

Here's a more subdued look of our sienna quilt ($150, full/queen) with our circle M sheet set ($79.95 queen)--throw in a vintage crocheted sham and/or blanket (I use tablecloths because they're easier to find) for a layered, feminine look.

A tight shot of the circle M sheet set.

The best part of using this look for our master bedroom redesign is the fact that I can leave my cowboy boots strewn about the room and it will look like a "cleverly casual" design element!

All of the items you see here are available at Hodgepodge, but not on the shopping cart, so email or call me (931-647-0444) for details and to order your own. I'll be happy to suggest more combinations suitable for your colors and taste!
Thanks for your indulgence!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Making lists and decisions.

Who knew I'd still be struggling to make it through my inventory list nearly two months after the fire? I've got to wrap this up. I'm trying to be diligent about researching actual replacement costs for the items we loss in the fire, but I've spent as much as 45 minutes researching one item.

So, let's talk about the dilemmas I'm facing . . . I know, but it's MY blog!

I can't find light fixtures for our master bathroom or the hallway. I don't know if you've been looking at lighting lately, but it all looks the same! Especially for the bathroom--not a lot of options. This is what I'm finding . . .everything new looks just like these . .

This is what I want . . .
I can use these, but I need two sconces and two ceiling fixtures. I've used something similar to this fixture for a sconce in the kids' bathroom, so that's not the problem, it's just find four that look alike enough to use in such close proximity, especially considering there's also a chandelier in this bathroom. Perhaps I'll just take down the damaged lights, spray paint them black and call it even until the right fixtures find their way into my life.

I'm trying to select paint colors for the rooms that need painting. I'll likely go with the same colors I had before, but we didn't choose the paint for our guest bath (which I LOVE), so I'm trying to match it.

OH! The cool thing I've learned, however, is there are so many wallpapers to choose from you CAN find something you love. I didn't think I was a wallpaper person, until I took a few books home to study. I went from "I think we'll just paint" to "I need someone to help narrow my choices" in one fell swoop!

I mean look at this . . .

Isn't it lovely? I can't find the one I think I really want--I'll go take a picture of it in the book.

I had the pleasure of visiting with a friend in her century old farm house. She is amazing and her home is one of the most comfortable and attractive homes I've visited. She has some truly classic wallpapers. If I could rip-off the paper in her hallway and attach it to my dining room wall I would! Her kitchen paper is amazing, too.
Alrighty, then . . . there you have it. Any suggestions are welcome.
Thanks for your indulgence!
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