Monday, November 25, 2013

Whatcha Sellin"

Here are some more of the items I've had upstairs, waiting for sale:

Church windows:
Yellow slag glass, 9 pane—40 h x 34 ¼” w, 3 available 2 are complete, $65; one missing two panes $30 (this is obviously the one missing two panes).  I believe they were in First Christian Church on Madison Street here in Clarksville.
2013-10-18 09.15.52

Clear slag glass 12 pane—34 ½ w x 53 ½ h, 5 available $65
2013-10-18 09.19.00

Clear slag glass, 9 pane—34 ¼ w x 46” h, 1 available
(no pic)

Vintage, glass windows:
Six pane—24 w x 47 ½” h, 2 available $25

2013-10-18 09.17.06

Door—27 ¾ w x 76 ½” h, 1 available $40
2013-10-18 09.25.14

We have several 5-panel doors available, as well.  (No pic)  $40 each.

Red Shelf, can be used as kitchen island or store counter – 50.5W x 33.5H  $200
(front view)
2013-10-18 09.53.29
(rear view)
2013-10-18 09.53.45

Wood bookcase with adjustable shelf, 53W x 38.5H  $150
2013-10-18 09.53.51

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Picture Framing Equipment for Sale

(Apologies for a few posts about some business related items I am selling.  Please share with anyone you think may be interested!)

Start your own custom picture framing business or facilitate your hobby.

Mat cutter, wall mounted glass/mat cutter, vacumount, oval mat cutter (may require repairs), and shrink wrap sealer. More than 100 sheets of mat board, foam core, glass, backing paper and other supplies; three work tables with storage; molding corner samples and mat corner samples.  More stuff, but too much to list!

Call for an appointment to learn more.  931-647-0444

2013-11-05 19.18.092013-11-05 19.18.262013-11-05 19.19.172013-11-05 19.19.322013-11-05 19.19.372013-11-05 19.19.46

Monday, September 30, 2013

Adopted southerness

Changing the windows to reflect the season has always been a daunting task for me.  You can check—I almost always open my posts about my windows with a similar comment.  You will note, however, that most of my blog posts about my windows will be about fall or Christmas displays.  You will also note, that with this particular season, my frequency of blog posts will increase.  Why is that?   Well, if you will pardon me as I allow a little bit of my adopted southerness to show . . .

I love me some fall, y’all.



So, here we go . . .

The tradition in this window is to display and indoor and outdoor scene.  I hung the vintage window screens right next to my windows to give the impression you are looking through the windows to the outside.  Patty thinks it’s time for a change and that I should take them down; I know she is right—the screens have been there for years now—but I’m just not ready.

rt window, outside


I picked-up that pasture gate early this past summer and it’s been part of a display in the shop, but when I was planning the windows, I decided it would be the best focal feature to make you think “outside” when you’re peeking in.  

rt window, outside wide

The swing is a new addition to the shop.  It is available in three sizes and well as a single-seater circle swing.

rt window outside, tall

Then there is our little campfire scene—the warm glow of the fire and the ingredients for s’mores are at the ready!  The growler of beer from The Blackhorse Pub and Brewery will be enjoyed, as well.

rt window outside, s'mores

The we shifted our attention to the inside scene of the same window.  This was a quick change of a few items.  Having removed the dining room display we had for the summer months, I added a side table and vintage, cane-back rocker.  A few of our signature Haunted Memories changing photos, fake cobwebbing and we’re good.

rt window, inside tightrt window inside

Look closely for the before and after of Aunt Maggie below.

window maggiemaggie after

Now we’re transitioning to the other window where we have a bed and a few other vignettes surrounding it.

left window, wide


The French café scene came to me when I decided to move the hand painted Café de Flore door into the front corner—not an easy feat for this old lady, but I managed it, then kept the scene simple with a dress form and a market basket.  the table in the display is an authentic English pub table (yes—I realize I’m mixing my countries of influence), that extends to seat 6.

window french table

We’ve dressed the bed in a red matelesse –style quilt; added a mix of pillows and a vintage camp-style blanket for the fall bedroom scene I wanted to achieve.  The floral displays in our gorgeous pottery urns would transition very nicely to compliment your winter décor, as well.  You also see the lovely limited edition print from the talented Judy Lewis of my favorite building in Clarksville; already framed and ready to hang in your house.

window daybed


Well, that about wraps-up the tour of our windows.  There are a few other details I haven’t touched on, but I need to give you something to see when you get here.

Thanks for your indulgence.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Plush Fall

I love transitioning into fall.  Even if the weather isn’t cooperating fully—just seeing mums and pumpkins in front of Kroger makes me happy!

I am always so excited to decorate my home and the shop for fall, although, I believe that I tend to decorate with a fall theme year ‘round.  It incorporates the colors and accents I love, so why wouldn’t I use them all of the time?

At the house, I’m holding back a little.  I’ve put away the “summer” banner, the cobalt hurricanes and the shell encrusted orbs.  The candles are changing from ivory to brown and the candle sticks from glass to well- patinaed (apparently you can’t shouldn’t past-tense “patina”) brass.  

But  at the shop we have added the Halloween inventory and a plethora of pumpkins—plush and otherwise!  There are oat standards and a variety of other decorative accents you can use to make changes of your own.  I have taken a few pictures and hope you will come back to check-out our ideas.  For now, though, I thought I’d share some of our Plush Pumpkins.

plush fall 2013

Folks often ask how they should display their Plush Pumpkins, so I thought a few pictures might help.

plush fall 2013 2

You don’t have to have a baker’s dozen for your display.

plush fall 2013 3

A grouping of three pumpkins is my favorite display, but if you only want one—they can make a solitary statement, as well (note the pumpkin atop the scale).  Also, just because they’re velvet, doesn’t mean they can’t be displayed with your favorite rusty junk.  In fact, the juxtaposition makes a wonderful eye-catching display.

plush fall 2013 5

Of course, they are right at home surrounded by glitz and gold, as well.

plush fall 2013 4

So, don’t let the issue of “how will I display mine” keep you from taking a few home.  Remember, we are always available to help you brainstorm a few ideas for your own arrangement.

Hope to see you in our Plush Pumpkin patch soon!

Thanks for your indulgence,


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Plush Pumpkin Season Approaches

. . . and I couldn’t be more excited!  It’s my favorite time of year and I am ready to make the transition to Autumn.  I will however restrain myself a while longer.

In anticipation of this wonderful time of year, I will be placing an order for Plush Pumpkins.  I’ve decided to make a special offer . . .

Any prepaid orders for Plush Pumpkins, placed before August 24th, will be discount 20%.  Now is the time to place your order—remember, too, that they make great gifts! 

All pumpkins are handmade in America and are accented with “really real” squash stems—making each pumpkin truly one-of-a-kind!  (how great is that?!?)

The color samples are below—choose your color(s) and size(s), then call the shop during business hours (We’re on summer hours until after Labor Day, so call between 10am -  4 pm, Mon – Sat) to place your order.  You are, of course, welcome to come in to see the fabric samples “live and in person,” too.

velvet pumpkins, page 1

velvet pumpkins, page 2

2” pumpkins  $9.95

3” pumpkins $15.95

4” pumpkins $22.95

5” pumpkins $30.95

6” pumpkins $39.95

8” pumpkins $47.95

10” pumpkins $53.95


Still not sure if you should order some?  Take a look at how we’ve used them throughout the shop (throughout the year, too!).

winter plush pumpkins

velvet pumpkin, stone, fall 12

pumpkins in pots

tureen, pumpkins and flowers


If I get enough orders, I will place two orders, one on the 17th, then again on the 24th (for the fence sitters)—the earlier you order, the earlier you receive!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer sidewalk sale

So, you’ve heard about the sale, but you’re thinking—Sure, I  like it and what a great deal, but what will I do with it?

Let me see if I can help with a few suggestions . . .

sws 2

Basic white canisters will work in any décor.  For use on the kitchen counter or in the pantry, this canister set has a a tight seal to protect contents from pests and humidity.  Think:  your own kitchen or a great gift for newlyweds.


A utensil basket of goodies . . . here you see a basket perfect for use as a utensil caddy, with a large slot for napkins.  The red is ideal for summer entertaining, as well as the holidays.  It would also be perfect for organizing a desk or a vanity.

Also shown are our vintage-style utensils (all are on sale for 30% off)—at this price you can afford a special set for summer tables or your other special occasions.

sws 3

Basic cream and and black bowls for 50% off would work on almost any table.  They would look especially great paired with our winter wildlife salad plate, also in cream and black (70% off).  Know anyone who likes to entertain at Christmas?

sws 4

Know anyone who collects owls?  (Need I say more?)

sws 5

Do you like to serve cheeses or pastries or know someone who does?  This covered dish takes your presentation to a new level, while keeping your food fresh.

This generously sized cake pedestal is perfect for a summer table (be sure to note the snail on the base), but can adapt to a holiday setting, as well, with a few strategically placed bits of pine or ribbon.


sws 6

This tunic is the perfect beach cover-up, but will transition into fall as a great blouse over jeans or leggings.  I am sure you know someone who would look great in it.

sws 7

Jute tote with a batik-style print is the perfect weekend, get-away bag.  At this price, you can afford to fill it with a few items for a great gift for your friend.

sws 8

This picture is is full of ideas.  Start with cloth napkins—set a beautiful table and do something good for the environment (all napkins are on sale); the green plates are made in Portugal are the perfect accent for a variety of settings. 

Know anyone who likes to decorate with a nautical theme? We have a variety of items suited for lakeside décor—starting with these nautical knot napkin rings.

Our lovely trio of green pedestal bowls stack or separate.  Reproduced to mimic depression glass, they add a vintage feel to your table or sideboard.

sws 9

Classic black accent pieces with brass deer head handles are great for fall/Christmas décor (mismarked here—they are actually 50% off).

sws 10

Teapot, sugar bowl and creamer, mugs and pedestal bowls would make a great gift for your mother or grandmother.  At 50% off you can buy several!

sws 12

A silver plate coaster is the perfect purchase for a wine connoisseur; available in a variety of designs, it can also be used as a trinket catch-all or a candle stand.

Black glass candlesticks are elegant and classic, but can easily transition for an elegantly spooky Halloween scene.

sws 13

These classic hurricanes are lovely with a candles or other decorative elements.

sws 14

Reproduction prints from our Williamsburg collection keep the man-room from being taken over with scenes of blood letting or football.

sws 15

Gilded terra cotta accents are perfect for holiday décor, but work well everyday, too!

sws 17

50% off of vintage-look baby bibs are great gifts for new grandmas or to keep at your house for visiting babies/toddlers.   You can never have enough photo frames—neither can your friends, so pick some up to give as gifts!

sws 18

Here are my favorite melamine plates.  I would keep these on hand for visiting children and for patio parties.  Again, you see some of our discounted flatware.  Great for everyday or special occasions.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not you should come down to shop the summer sidewalk sale . . . wonder no longer.

Thanks for your indulgence,


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