Thursday, September 25, 2008

do we do it?

do we take the leap and jump into another business venture?
here's where we are:this is the second floor of our building on franklin street and strawberry alley. do we take this space and transform it into an arts and antiques mall or do we wait things out--see how the economy plays-out?

all i know is, now that i've had these openings cut into the walls, i can truly envision the space. before it was a possibility. before i implemented this change, it was still a building belonging to someone else.

a space belonging to someone else.

can i really make it mine? make it something?

the vision is an arts and antiques emporium. a place where people can sell their wares with a minimal investment of money or time.

why do it? well, it's not for the riches. the potential of this space isn't exactly grand. it's what real estate folks call "unimproved;" no heating or a/c and no bathroom. (painting a pretty picture--aren't i?) it's remarkably comfortable, though. ceiling fans keep it cool and the heat from hodgepodge--unfortunately for hodgepodge--rises right up to this level; along with a few strategically placed space heaters, we think we can keep the place warm.

so what do you think? do we do it? is it something downtown clarksville needs? i don't want to sink money into something that won't fly, nor do i want to ask others to believe i can provide them with a business that can support their dreams, if it won't.

i'd love to hear your thoughts.

thanks for your indulgence.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How did we get to the 23rd of September?

It seems everything I've been focusing on for the past few months centered and apparently ended on the 20th. In case you didn't notice, the 3rd Annual Frolic on Franklin: A Celebration of the Arts took place this past weekend. If I do say so myself, it was a rather successful event. We had more artists than ever, more attendees than ever and more fun that ever!

A good time was had by all--I hope!

Apparently, however, the month has been progressing without me. My world was revolving around the 20th and now, here we are with the 23rd about to end and I don't know how we got here!

I do know we have a lot going on at Hodgepodge. We've been checking-in tons of Christmas merchandise--don't worry, it'll be a while before it hits the floor--but you're going to love it when you see it! We've got a "How Do They Do That" class coming-up on the 30th. Melanie Hazen will teach us how to make pendant frames. (See my post about it here.)

As you're preparing for the season change, why not look around for the items you can pull out of storage and use around the house? It's time to put away the sea shells and trade them for Indian corn and gourds. Simple changes--such as trading the light shades of summer candles for the rich colors of autumn make a noticeable difference. I'll try to provide a few other decorating tips as we move through the season.

Thanks for the indulgence~


Friday, September 12, 2008

more magazines

I know I've been inundating you with posts, but I've got a lot on my mind! I promise to take the weekend off!

Okay you guys--here's the thing . . . you know about my little magazine problem, but what I failed to mention is a similar disorder with regard to cookbooks. I love cookbooks--I've got more that I will ever use and plan to continue adding to my collection. One thing I noted today was my tendency to combine the two addictions with the purchase of cooking magazines. One of my favorites is Cooks Illustrated. I just picked up the Fall issue--entitled "Fall Entertaining."

I love this magazine. It is all business and it's beautiful to boot! I've often thought of framing the back covers; they're that attractive. They have an online site, too, but I've got to hold and touch my cookbooks.

Not only do they have great recipes, they have great illustrations and photos. They also address almost every issue that may pop-up regarding each recipe. If you don't have this pan, you can use one of these--how to achieve a crustier layer for your beef tenderloin (not to mention how to stuff and tie it, too). I plan to hend this issue over to my daughter and son so they can try-out the "Perfect Potstickers" recipe with Scallion Dipping Sauce.

Then there's the equipment testing which is completely unbiased, as they do not have advertising in their magazine--they're not beholding to anyone to recommend their product. (I need a new pair of kitchen shears an guess what's reviewed on page 21?!?)

On a more, umm, curious note is a new magazine that caught my eye at the Y this morning. Have you seen it?

Only in the south. Here's the link to prove this is a real publication--not some photoshop manipulated laugh point. They're serious. This self-proclaimed "Soul of the New South" is on new stands--has been for a year. Hmm--the name sounds a lot like the soul of the old south, but in all fairness I've been pulled in by the 50 Best list. If I can get past the name, I may have a new siren calling me.

Thanks for your indulgence.


floral arranging

I'm not a florist . . . I just play one in my own mind.

I love arranging flowers--I wish I knew what I was doing. So, in an effort to further my career as a wanna-be--I'm going to offer some amateur instruction in floral arranging.

I started with a gorgeous urn--filled it with floral foam then topped it with spanish moss.

The next addition was a section of honeysuckle vine I had clipped last year. I love the texture and "halo" it adds to an arrangement.
(This has to be added now because it's too much of a fight to add it after you've placed any of the stems.)

I then added a selection of leafy stems and florals. Based on the size of my urn--which is rather large--I worked with a minimum of 4 per stem. Here are some of the stems I used:

Then I started adding the layers. I approach arrangements from the outside in--shortest to tallest. I added the leafy stems first, their low, full stature provide a lot of color, texture and screening for the base of the arrangement.

Then I began adding the floral stems. With the final touch of those cool feather looking thingees.

I turned out okay, I think.

Thanks for your indulgence.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Autumn at Hodgepodge

Pay no attention to your calendars. Autumn has arrived at Hodgepodge.

We've added Halloween decor to the sales floor and the display windows.

The addition of the classic look of our new Mary Carol line works well with any season, but without a doubt is a wonderful way to usher in September and the promise of Fall.
These items from Nicol Sayre will become family favorite decorations--those we look forward to pulling out of storage each year.

We also have beautiful new florals to put the finishing touches on any room in your house.
Unfortunately, our seasonal items are not available for purchase on our web site, but if you see something here you'd like to purchase, send me an email.

Please stop by to see our changes.
Thanks for your indulgence!
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