Friday, September 12, 2008

floral arranging

I'm not a florist . . . I just play one in my own mind.

I love arranging flowers--I wish I knew what I was doing. So, in an effort to further my career as a wanna-be--I'm going to offer some amateur instruction in floral arranging.

I started with a gorgeous urn--filled it with floral foam then topped it with spanish moss.

The next addition was a section of honeysuckle vine I had clipped last year. I love the texture and "halo" it adds to an arrangement.
(This has to be added now because it's too much of a fight to add it after you've placed any of the stems.)

I then added a selection of leafy stems and florals. Based on the size of my urn--which is rather large--I worked with a minimum of 4 per stem. Here are some of the stems I used:

Then I started adding the layers. I approach arrangements from the outside in--shortest to tallest. I added the leafy stems first, their low, full stature provide a lot of color, texture and screening for the base of the arrangement.

Then I began adding the floral stems. With the final touch of those cool feather looking thingees.

I turned out okay, I think.

Thanks for your indulgence.


1 comment:

gardenymph said...

Looks great Paige! I think you do a great job with every aspect of the store. :~)

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