Thursday, September 25, 2008

do we do it?

do we take the leap and jump into another business venture?
here's where we are:this is the second floor of our building on franklin street and strawberry alley. do we take this space and transform it into an arts and antiques mall or do we wait things out--see how the economy plays-out?

all i know is, now that i've had these openings cut into the walls, i can truly envision the space. before it was a possibility. before i implemented this change, it was still a building belonging to someone else.

a space belonging to someone else.

can i really make it mine? make it something?

the vision is an arts and antiques emporium. a place where people can sell their wares with a minimal investment of money or time.

why do it? well, it's not for the riches. the potential of this space isn't exactly grand. it's what real estate folks call "unimproved;" no heating or a/c and no bathroom. (painting a pretty picture--aren't i?) it's remarkably comfortable, though. ceiling fans keep it cool and the heat from hodgepodge--unfortunately for hodgepodge--rises right up to this level; along with a few strategically placed space heaters, we think we can keep the place warm.

so what do you think? do we do it? is it something downtown clarksville needs? i don't want to sink money into something that won't fly, nor do i want to ask others to believe i can provide them with a business that can support their dreams, if it won't.

i'd love to hear your thoughts.

thanks for your indulgence.

1 comment:

DtCtyGrl said...

I think it's a fantastic idea! I just blogged about Hodgepodge today!


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