Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How Do They Do That? Follow-up

We now know how they do these:

We had a full house the other night--nine pupils, a teacher (Melanie) and a floater (me). Melanie is a jewelry designer extraordinaire. It was my job to make sure everyone had a full glass of whatever and some snacks. (Mainly to distract the participants from the fact that some of our supplies hadn't arrived!)

I was amazed at the variety of the results stemming from the creativity of these ladies. Unfortunately, the actual frame pendants arrived a day late, but we were able to create the inserts, thanks to Melanie's creative approaches and ample supply of materials needed to make individual works of art.

If you want to make a pendant or two of your own, you will find supplies and instructions at http://www.artchixstudios.com/

But let me tell you--we have a lot of fun at our group lessons, so I encourage you to sign-up for the next How Do They Do That? program. Our next program was originally scheduled for Oct 21st, that was before I had Darren's schedule. As that's his last night home before his deployment, I doubt he'd appreciate a house full of women . . . wait, never mind, he'd appreciate it, but it's probably still a bad idea. If you don't mind, we'll push it to Tuesday, Oct 28th.

We'll make the fall door decor you see above. Supplies will be, roughly, $20. Space will be limited, as I need to order supplies--preferably in time to arrive for class!
Send me an email if you're interested in registering for this class.

Thanks for your indulgence~

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