Monday, October 20, 2008

An Autumn Setting

This is a difficult week. We have to say "see you later" to the #1 man in our lives on Wednesday. The deployment we've been dreading is upon us. So, I'll deal with it by ignoring it--otherwise, I'll simply fall apart.

Saturday was busy at the shop, but I decided to tackle re-setting one of the tables. I started by removing the old settings, then I decided to update the centerpiece. Still my favorite thing in the shop--this vase never fails to make me smile. It takes the simplest flower arrangement and makes it something special.

(Sorry, too much flash.)

As I begin this post, I haven't figured out the rest, but intend to do so today when I get to the shop. Okay . . . it's many hours later. The table is set--still some tweaking left to do, but at least it has some plates and napkins. A pseudo "sideboard" is also loaded. Some pictures? Why sure!

Thanks for checking in. Feel free to say a prayer for Darren. I would considerate a personal favor.

Thanks for your indulgence.


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