Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Decorating

Brrrr! Nothing like a brisk morning to wake a person up!

We had a great time last night figuring out "How Do They Do That?" Our project was inspired by a beautiful arrangement I found on a favorite blog,

This was our inspiration:

This was too beautiful not to try it, so . . . we did!
Martha regularly participates in our How Do They Do That programs.

Here I'm helping Karen with her ribbons and final touches as Taylor watches. That's Michelle in the foreground--a first time HDTDT participant.

Working on an arrangement.

The basic principals of floral design are easy--you just need to decide what appeals to you for your own designs.

Charly is also a regular--naturally creative and talented, she put together a beautiful arrangement!

Karen's arrangement is stunning.

Everyone looks happy with their finished products.

Well, I had a few requests for one more How Do They Do That class before the holidays--we'll see what we can squeeze in. Once we get the shop decorated, I can refocus on those possibilities. If there is anything you'd like to explore with one of these programs, please let me know.

Thanks again to Heather Bullard for her creative spirit.
Thanks, also, to you for your indulgence.

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