Friday, June 13, 2008

Sometimes it's Simple

Occasionally, it's a simple change that makes you the happiest.

Late yesterday afternoon, after a very hectic day of chasing around from a meeting, to the shop, to the embroiderer, to the PX, to the doc--all before noon--then back to the shop (after a restful stop with the doctor, thanks to his extremely late arrival). Took care of few details, then decided I wanted to do something creative. After pricing a few silver plated trays we've had in the shop for awhile, I was trying to decide where to display them. We usually disperse them throughout the store, but I love them displayed together. So, I set about looking for my target area. It didn't take long to choose my location. You see in the picture below, that I decided to tweak the display by adding a few mirrored and glittery touches.

The mirrored hooks, mirrored picture frames and the silver glass glitter icons from Wendy Addison mimic the base design, but add reflective qualities that my refusal-to-polish silver tones down.

If I were hanging these in my home--and I will be repeating this theme at home--I would stick to the trays only.
As I was deciding to feature this simple display, I started thinking about other displays which are simple and pleasing. Here are few I found around the house:

Aqua Ball jars are one of my favorite simple accessories--as you can see. The top picture shows a collection of Ball jars in a three tier display. I usually drop a tealight into each jar--using it to provide a beautiful illumination. The display of jars across the fireplace mantle, paired with a vintage bellow and stars constructed of folding rulers used by carpenters (a favorite "play thing" in Dad's toolbox!).

This is a simple, functional display. The peg rack is topped with a shelf which holds a few obvious items, including an unframed painting of poppies. I've also draped a piece of crocheted lace on the corner,which serves as the perfect place to store my earrings. Then, the necklaces hanging from he pegs are almost decorative accessories!

On a somber note: I'm sure you've already done so, but I'll ask you to do it again . . . send out a prayer, a blessing, some good karma (whatever floats your faith) for those folks in Iowa. Those Boy Scouts demonstrated tremendous skill, courage and faith throughout this ordeal. Those evacuating and helping-out due to the floods. They can all use our prayers.
Do you have any simple displays which make you proud? I'd love to hear about them or see them. Please leave a comment.
Thanks for your indulgence!

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