Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Salsa

It’s Cinco de Mayo and I’ve decided that my contribution will be to share my favorite salsa recipe with my readers.  It’s super easy and very tasty.  It’s adapted from a recipe my friend, Bellamy shared with me years ago when we were living in Georgia.
So here’s what you need:
salsa ingredients
3 cans of Mexican Recipe Stewed tomatoes
1 bunch of fresh cilantro
1 small red onion
pickled jalapeños, to taste
sea salt, to taste
Step 1
Dump one can of tomatoes into your food processor or blender, along with the leafy ends (stems and all) of your cilantro
salsa, step 1
Pulse until it looks like this:salsa, step 2
Step 2
Empty first batch from the food processor into a mixing bowl.
Dump the second can of tomatoes into the food processor, along with the onion.  I usually quarter my onion before throwing it in.  Pulse until it is the same consistency as above, then add to the mixing bowl.
salsa, step 3

Step 3
Dump the last can of tomatoes into the food processor, along with a couple tablespoons of jalapeños.*  Pulse the food processor, then add to mixing bowl. 
salsa, step 4
* for a spicy salsa, add more jalapeños or some of the pickling juice; I also prefer fresh jalapeños (cored and seeded), but the pickled ones are usually on hand when I decide to make salsa.
Add salt to taste, but I usually don’t add any, as our favorite chips are pretty salty.
chips for salsa
I hope you enjoy!  I know my family does.
finished chips and salsa
Now, I think I’ll go paint something using Annie Sloan Chalk PaintTM Barcelona Orange—I feel like painting with a bright color today!
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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