Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a traditional tree

Here's our traditional tree . . . it's already looking a little skimpy! But there are quite a few wonderful ornaments left. One of the best items on this tree is the beaded red spire. You stick it into the tree parallel to the branches. Otherwise, you'll find our reds and greens on or around this tree:

This Santa resembles one Darren received more than 30 years when he was in the hospital having his tonsils removed.
The European tradition of having St. Nick hide a pickle ornament on the tree before he leaves the house has become a popular treat here, too.

A beautiful etched mirror bird.

Frosty scene in a mini top hat.

Clip-on birds are a favorite!

If traditional style decorating is your bag--we can help fill it!
Thanks for your indulgence!

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