Sunday, November 29, 2009

So, the frenzy is over. The mad rush for the best deals is behind us. I hope everyone had a good time and feels successful in their retail exploits.

Now, we turn the focus on our homes. Decorating the trees, mantles and every other nook and cranky. I've recently graduated to four trees in our house. In addition, I decorate the mantles, our staircase, the china hutch and more. So, I was thinking that many of you are probably doing the same and might be looking for items to supplement what you've got. Perhaps you're thinking about expanding your decorating for the holidays.

Here's my favorite tree we have in the shop. It's in our garden area--at the Strawberry Alley entrance. We call it our woodland tree--it has a wonderful natural theme.

Here are some of the ornaments that make this tree so special.

I'd like to see a burlap garland on this tree, but we had so many ornaments to display, it didn't happen. We do have it available, though, along with other ornaments not featured here. Come on down and have a look-see.
Thanks for your indulgence.


thetaddeos said...

Love the tree! I would like to add some more trees to our house, but oh where to start?! Can you just package up the whole thing and send it here to VA?!!

Paige Thomas King said...

give me the address, paula! thanks for the comment--especially sice i don't think the tree looks very good in the pics. it's much better in person.

Lee said...

you're so right about the memories. The first place setting matches almost exactly some beautiful antique egg cups I have of my Grandmothers. I consider them much to precious to put out for fear of them being chipped by a wayward happy child. But, I do so love having them.

Thank you for your "Indulgences".

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