Monday, November 9, 2009

The Holidays Are Upon Us

The challenge for retailers is figuring out the fine line between too early and too late, for decorating the shop. I've got to get it out early enough to let you know what's available, so you can compare it with what you'll find at the BBS*. But if I get it out too early--you and I will both be sick of it before too long.

Last weekend we rolled-out Christmas. We've got decoration throughout the shop--arranged into rooms with different themes.

Tonight I'm sharing pictures from our open house event. Over the next several days I will share details of the shop decorations.

Thanks, so much, to my friends for helping me pull this all together. Thanks, too, to my customers who attended this weekend. Your continued support encourages me and gives me hope that I've done the right thing by opening Hodgepodge, Where You Gather Your Home--for Holidays and all year 'round.

Thanks for your indulgence,

*Big Box Stores

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