Friday, December 4, 2009

The White Tree

The white tree is a tradition at Hodgepodge. It's the tree I've always wanted, but couldn't justify--so . . . I have it at Hodgepodge (heck, I'm there more than I'm at home!). This year's tree has the addition of a few creative touches, but I have noticed a tragic missing element on most of my trees . . . a garland! This one had one--actually many, in the form of short lengths of beaded garland, which hang like ornaments, from hooks. They're extremely easy to work with--much easier than long, continuous lengths of garland--such as ribbon. You can still see a few here, but most have gone home with customers. So--lesson learned this year--use a garland that I don't intend to sell, so the tree stays somewhat pulled-together, even as customers take it apart! And please, PLEASE take it apart!
Here's a beautiful deviation from the typical white and silver we use on the white tree--
an aqua finial.
Our classic house and church ornaments--with a cool little hole in the back for the light!

Snowflakes--a must!
(Plus, a glimpse of the aforementioned bead garland!)
Wendy Addison ornaments are also a tradition at Hodgepodge--
"JOY" is just one of many.

More Wendy Addison . . .

The newest addition to the white tree--
silver, glitter picks, placed in the tree. WOW! The impact!
Okay--looking for glimmer and shine? Perhaps you need a lot of ornaments for all of your friends at the office . . . boy can we help with that!
We have dozens to choose from--like this snowflake.
Wendy Addison does it again with this beautiful, glass glitter dove.

There are so many ornaments in this area--too many to show here, but rest assured we have something you'd love. Whether you're a shabby chic-style decorator or a traditional decorator--you'll find something on this tree to love.

Thanks for you indulgence!

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Jen Stewart said...

paige - i am going to tell my husband that i want the terra-cotta pot candle holders! love 'em

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