Friday, August 1, 2008

Hi . . . my name is Paige . . .

and I'm a magazine addict.

Do you have this problem?

At last count (about two seconds ago) I have a subscription to Country Living, Country Home, Home Companion, Victoria (thank goodness it's back), House Beautiful, Bon Appetit, Architectural Digest, Time (a free trial). I've cut back by about four others! Then, I selflessly have a regularly inventory of Romantic Homes delivered to the shop so you can purchase them for yourself (at 20% off of cover, every month). Then there are about four magazines directly related to being a business owner! Not to mention the occasional magazine I can't resist at the check-out counter--Prevention, Cooking Light, Southern Living, and others.

I was flipping through my September Romantic Homes and finding inspiration on every page. I love that they feature a shopkeeper in every issue (maybe . . . one day . . .); I love the "We Love" and "Make It" pages; the "browsing" pages also feed my shopkeeper curiosity; this month's feature article entitled "Bird House" is page after page of eye-candy! I always enjoy any contribution by Elizabeth Maxson--my style guru. Other contributors, as it turns out, are also authors of some of my favorite blogs, Sandra Everston and Tara Frey. I do find it interesting that this month's featured shopkeeper is closing the shop they featured--announced on her website. She clearly has talent and has achieved great things--guess it's just time to move on.

[Dear Editors of (insert name of any aforementioned magazine here)--I'm available! I'll be here. I will remain your dedicated and obedient servant.]
Thanks for your indulgence!

PS Christmas in July . . . and August is winding down--so is the selection.

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