Saturday, September 25, 2010

wish, hope . . . pray

As much as you wish and hope—sometimes things don’t work-out.

Darren and I wished and hoped that we could convert our 130 year old building into a mixed-use property, which would help bring the more residents to our downtown area.  We soon found out we could even begin to afford the cost of the renovations.

franklin st view

Wish and hope.

Kendall and I wished and hoped we could bring fabulous events to inspire the creative potential of this community to Clarksville.  We built it—they didn’t come.

third floor

Wish and hope.

We wished and hoped we could continue to support Darren is his military career, but we can’t.  It’s just too hard on the family.


Wish and hope.

They go on and on—the wishes and hopes.

I guess what you do is live, learn and move on.  Find a different way, make a new plan, adjust.  Listen closer. 

Change wishes and hopes to prayers.

Thanks for your indulgence!



Kachi/ Rocheleau collaborative said...


These photos of your storefront and what you are saying making me sad . I can be kind of dense... I am hoping that they do not mean good-bye ?


Jennifer said...

From one Army wife to another, I just wanted to say I understand.

Enjoying your blog from overseas,

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