Monday, September 6, 2010

A Great Little Shop . . .

September 02

. . . owned by a wonderful lady with a big heart!  This is Tawnya Norton talking with Kendall in her shop

C'est Moi.

Those of you who know me will be surprised to read the following words:  I want you to go to Nashville and shop here! 

Typically, Nashville is akin to a four letter word for me.  Being a shop owner in nearby Clarksville, I get so frustrated by a population who continues to support the Nashville economy more than their own, but that is a story for another blog!  (Note the 3/50 Project button to the left.)

Tawnya recently opened her own place.  She's been working with a number of retailers for several years--arranging displays and filling-in with product she has purchased.  When one of her biggest retailers decided to close shop, Tawnya made the decision to open C'est Moi--and what a great decision that was!

Tawnya has a refreshingly open demeanor and was an absolute delight!  She explained that she got started making her own jewelry--which I LOVED and have ordered for Hodgepodge! 

She was happy to talk openly about her business--her successful lines and her bombs; her helpful vendors and sales rep; her promotion ideas and more!  While we were there, a neighbor business owner came in to make a purchase for his wife and they collaborated regarding a potential joint promotional activity--sounded very familiar.

Her shop is in a small shopping center along with a few other businesses.  There's not a lot of square footage, but she makes the most of every inch.  I love how authentic it feels.

So, if you're in the Nashville (Brentwood) area.

I encourage you to stop by and see Tawnya at her shop.  You can find her location and contact info here . . . (sure I could post it right here, but then you'd miss one of the cutest photo I've seen!)

You'll be so glad you did.

Thanks for your indulgence,


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