Tuesday, September 28, 2010

She (unintentionally) Cried “Wolf!”

Feeling the love!

group hug

I’m fine.  Thanks so much for all of your concern.

That last post was not a suicide note.


Nor was it an announcement of my intention to close my shop.

cmyk hodgepodge logo final 

Nor was it an announcement that I’m leaving my husband.

Sep 08 157

It was an announcement that I’ve finally realized that there someone greater than you and I with a plan for me.  I’ve been trying too hard to wish and hope for MY plans to work-out, when MY plans may not be His plans.

I’ve always believed in God, but I’ve also always thought that He’s too busy to worry about me—after all, He has so much to do.  I thought if I made my own plans, He would appreciate the help.

So, here I am, finally catching on!

He has the time.  He has the plan.  I need to trust.

That’s it.  I guess I just wasn’t clear enough in my declaration, but you’ll have to forgive me . . . I’m Episcopalian and this sounds somewhat akin to a testimony.


(We’re not very comfortable in this arena!)

Who knows, perhaps this public declaration is part of the plan.


Thanks again for your concern.  I love you for it!

Thanks for your indulgence!



DtCtyGrl said...

Thanks for sharing. I think your heart shines in everything you do from the store, to the blog, to interacting with people on a daily basis, to your desire to make Clarksville a better place for everyone. Hodgepodge and Artifacts aren't just stores - they are part of community. Your staff reflects that very well. I think that is one of the things I love the most. I always feel welcome (even if I don't buy something!)

Terri Conrad said...

searching for inspiration to create a new Fall collection, I stumbled upon your blog - what a delightful shop you have Paige. Wishing I were in TN so I could shop there.

P.S. we all need to cry wolf once in a while. May blessings abound for you and for Hodgepodge

Terri Conrad
Terri Conrad Designs

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