Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Evolution of a Summer Mantle

It may seem odd to share ideas for a fireplace mantle during this time of year, but as it’s usually the focus of the room, you shouldn’t ignore the wonderful display opportunities.

Here’s how I took one of the mantles at the shop and transformed it for our transition to summer.  I started with a framed window screen, which I turned on its side.   summer mantle 1 Added a few rosemary topiaries, some candles stands made from porch railings and topped with succulent candles in terra cotta pots.

 summer mantle 3 

A summer picture of a bee and flowers on canvas.

summer mantle 5

It needed some height, so I added the trust vintage books and a candle holder.summer mantle 6

A vintage ceiling tin-look frame and we’re done with option one.

summer mantle 8

Clear it again and start with matching rosemary topiaries and iron architectural candle holders (they hinge open for a candle).summer mantle 9

Add a framed picture—but this one is too large and dark.summer mantle 10

Birds always work. 

 summer mantle 12

A few more additions and there you have it. 

summer mantle final

Now you just need to look around the house and garden to put together summer mantle you can enjoy.

Thanks for the indulgence!



Michellem said...

LOVE this - thanks for the pics. Those topiaries are beautiful! Never thought of a screen on a mantel before. . . .

Michelle said...

I liked the dragonfly print!

Kohler Faucets said...

Wow, what a lovely mantle I really enjoyed seeing it go through the various stages. Nice post.

citymouse said...

How clever! I really like the first display a lot. I love giving rooms a seasonal makeover. Seems like we never think about doing it in the summer though.

Paige Thomas King said...

I think everyone likes the first display best--including me, but I sure like those iron pieces and the topiaries.
Thanks for the comments!

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