Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Wonderful Repeat

So, Martha asked me if I’d mind if she asked her husband, Glenn, to make a copy of my vintage platter rack (one of my favorite finds before leaving Germany).   Are you kidding me?  I’ve been wanting to have a copy made for years!   I love this rack.  It displays my large platters, as well as a portion of my transferware collection.  

So, one day they arrive with paper and pencil and the process began.  A few weeks later, the proto-type is complete.  A few weeks after that, Glenn hit a home run with a paint job that rivaled the original!

Here’s the original:

platter rack old

Here’s the reproduction:

platter rack new

The original is made from a unknown wood (it’s painted), but I can tell you it is heav-y!  The replica is made from sturdy, yet light-weight pine. 

And now, the really great part . . . they’re available for purchase!  For $140 you, too, can own a vintage platter rack.  They’re available in two colors—antique white and black.

I think you’ll love one of your own.

Thanks for your indulgence!



Kendall Welsh said...

i have wanted this rack ince i first saw yours! these are amazing!

Karen said...

What about unfinished?

His and Hers Kitchen said...

...and this is a bargain! They cost 3 - 4 times this over here in Europe!

Paige Thomas King said...

Karen--unfinished may be a problem, but let's talk--give me a call, 931-647-0444.

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