Tuesday, December 4, 2012

a merry “little” Christmas

it is December 3rd and I’ve yet to post a picture about the Christmas décor you will find at Hodgepodge, so here goes . . . a little Hodgepodge Christmas, before it’s all gone!

We have a variety of decorative accessories to help you create a traditional table setting or a vignette for your sofa table.  The vintage style “Merry Christmas” sign looks great on the table top, but will hang nicely on the wall, as well.  (We also have a super-sized sign for your lawn or house.)santa mc

Here is our Christmas blessing Santos; she holds a glittered silver egg.  This table combines soft greens with mercury glass, glitter silver bell garland and a few rustic touches, as well.

skate table

silver and green


The snowy scene on our black and white transferware plates will carry your table settings through the winter.  The simple wreath is a perennial favorite of ours—perfect for a place setting or as a decorative accent on the back of your dining chairs.

green and silver setting


I’ve said it before, put “it” under a cloche and elevate “it” to place of special interest—doesn’t matter what “it” is! 

These ceramic skates with a mercury glass finish are lovely on their own, but under glass they are truly special.

skates under glass


A touch of  sparkle with the glass glitter “Noel.”

noel cb

These mercury glass canisters are perfect for year ‘round use, but especially appreciated during the holidays.  Incorporate them into a display of vintage ornaments and accents or put them to practical use storing pens and other desktop needs. 

mercury glass canisters

It wouldn’t be Christmas at Hodgepodge without a suitable amount of  burlap!  These burlap trees, matching wreaths and distressed iron finials add a touch of rustic elegance to this display.

burlap tree mantel


Here is a pair of winter white owls—perfect for perching in a bookcase.  I would put them on a stack of books and surround them with greenery.   

winter owls


This year we have an nice selection of tree toppers.  Here’s my favorite, a paper cone adorned with  a glitter bird on a nest and a “NOEL” banner. 

noel topper


I plan to post some pictures of our trees in the coming days, but first I need to google tips for photographing Christmas trees.  (Tips provided here are more than welcome, as well!)

Thanks for your indulgence!


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Tanya Murray said...

I have emailed another blogger "Eclectic Housewife" and asked her to please do a post about taking photos of Christmas trees. She is great at doing different tutorials and she also does photography.
I am so excited to see your Christmas underway in the store. My absolute stand out favourite is the white owls.

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