Saturday, August 29, 2009

Close Enough to Done

Oh my gosh, but I do love working on the floor of my shop. I love meeting my customers, helping them find the perfect gift for a friend or accessory for their home. I love arranging my displays. I love trying new ideas--I especially love it when they work!
Today, Jennifer put together the window display. She had a great idea about using umbrellas--I love them! I helped her a little and worked on the Halloween display inside the shop
I also love these wall decals--instant decor! They don't work very well on rough surfaces, but otherwise they are the perfect solution for quick and easy decorating.
Once again you will find haunted photos at Hodgepodge--you'll have to come in to see . . .
I tried to find items that will appeal to those of you who enjoy decorating for Halloween--in a grown-up style.
I hope you have time to come in and see for yourself. Be sure to check-out the cherry-on-top . . . that wonderfully spooky red bud branch.
So, we're not done, done, but we're close enough that I want to share some pistures of what we've accomplished so far.

Thanks for your indulgence!

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