Sunday, August 30, 2009


How about a series of random subjects?

First, what about this beautiful weekend? It has been so wonderful--there is no room to complain.

Second, I'm ready for my husband to come home.

Third, I've decided my yard has become (has been) a hospice for plants. Especially those I bring home from the local garden center, with the best of intentions. For instance, these were two bucks each--almost dead, but deserving of a little dignity, which I've given them . . . a nice shady location, in hopes of finding the perfect sunny locale for them. They've traveled around the yard. It's been a good end--it is the end--for them. Why do I do this? I think the "hope" of being planted is better than dying on a rolling rack on the asphalt. Isn't it?

Fourth, and final, I lost my favorite cookbook today. I took it with me to the grocery store and I left it at the check-out. ARGH! This is the notebook I carried with me throughout our homeless Spring into Summer of 1994 (we were moving from Germany to Georgia). Everywhere we went, I had this notebook and into it I wrote all of the favorite recipes of all of the best meals we ate. In the years to follow, I wrote more recipes--it was full. It was my "go to" cookbook for the past 15 years and now it's gone. I'm very sad. The "White Lightnin' Chili" I prepared for dinner tonight was definitely missing something . . .

Okay, fifth, and truly final . . . this darn stove/oven is mocking me from Lowe's. It was on a discontinued clearance special. We've wanted a new one--I was supposed to save money for one. Darn kids and their teeth--mine, too. Insullation, too. Then the A/C at the shop--tires, can't forget the tires. So, no money saved for a new kitchen. But there it was . . . taunting. . . tempting. GE Profile, smooth cook-top with convection oven. I walked away, but it was difficult.

That's it (I actually thought of about three more things, but . . .).

Thanks for your indulgence.



thetaddeos said...

You are so funny, Paige. My grandmother actually used to have a space in her yard which she called the "plant hospital". She really could work wonders with even the most pitiful of specimens. If she were still here, I would suggest sending those "patients" her way for some TLC.

Sorry about that cookbook. I remember some of the delicious meals that came from your kitchens back in Germany. Maybe someone just realized what a treasure they found, took it to Kinko's to have it copied and will soon return it to customer service :)

So, is Darren due home soon, or is it one of those seasons where you've just had enough? You've definitely had an eventful summer, right there at home!

Saying a prayer for you all. I remember those days and I thank you and families like yours who continue to make the sacrifices necessary to make this the best country to call home.


kdo said...

ah, the life of an army wife but wouldn't change a minute of it.

Jennifer said...

so sorry about your cookbook! Keep checking back with customer service.
We need a new stove too, right now I can only use two small burners. Makes boiling a stock pot of water an exercise in torture.

Kendall Welsh said...

I will miss your go to cook book note book too. Very sad. How do you get somethign like that back? The good news is I think I have your white lightening chili recipe someplace - one of the few I did write down.

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