Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Developing Our Halloween Decor

We sold a few pieces this weekend, which afforded the space to bring in some new pieces. I've since decided to have these new pieces as the anchors for our soon-to-be Halloween Room. Today I decided what I wanted to do to compliment the look I want to achieve. It would require a branch. (No real surprise there, as it's a common merchandising accessory throughout Hodgepodge.) I happened to know of one in my yard--the red bud by our driveway lost a branch during our last storm. But how do I get it to the shop?

It's nice to have a car with a removable roof.

I had to wait for the police officer to go around my double-parked tree . . . car
. . . so I could take this picture.

To give it some perspective--see that little blue door . . . it had to go through there!

After some tugging, expletives and rather incredible feats of balance--
it's hanging where I envisioned it.

The shop looked and sounded like a path in the woods --
leaves crunching under the feet of my customers.
What a mess, but so worth it.

I'll post some pictures of the Halloween Room when it's complete, but this was an adventure too good not to share. Probably difficult to convey in pictures , but it was a heck of a day for me!
Thanks for your indulgence.


Kendall Welsh said...

This is fabulous - and now that I have seen the final result in the shop - it is even better! Looks absolutely incredible!!

Can't wait to see the final project!

Ashley R said...

The branch in the car made me laugh, but the picture of the door with the branch cracked me up more!

kdo said...

Paige, the tree trip was too funny!!
I would love to have seen it live.

kdo said...

Paige, The tree trip was too funny!! Wish I had see it live.

Jennifer said...


Hudson Goods said...

This is a great story... been there done that too! Thanks for stopping by!

Cherie said...
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