Monday, July 27, 2009

Custom Furniture for the rest of us

Some cool new pieces at prices you won't believe!

Below is a picture of our custom-made harvest table ($350)--it's 6 feet long and just under 3 feet wide. This one is stained, but you can have yours painted.
New sideboard ($350) and bookcase ($225). Add another bookcase on the left and you have a wonderful, custom-made entertainment center for those fancy schmancy plasma screen televisions. The sideboard is deep enough for your stereo components and the louvered sides allow air to circulate. These pieces have to be painted because they're constructed from salvaged shutters. This bookcase has set shelves, but we can make it with adjustable shelves (slightly increasing the price).
This is the sideboard with the door open--you can see the louvered sides. This is black with a distressed finish.
This is one of our favorites: our Window Cabinet. Made using a recycled window, these cabinets are so versatile it's crazy. Use is for your Grandmother's china, your collectibles, your books, your________ (fill in the blank). This all-purpose beauty is only $250! Again, pick your color.
This is one of our signature pieces--our Kitchen Island ($550). You can see this one up-close-and-personal at Historic Downtown Clarksville's newest addition Ingredients--for the gourmet in you; a fabulous new kitchen shop.

Bonus piece: My very own vintage full-sized bed, recycled into a bench. This isn't a new idea, but I did do one thing a little different. I had my talented craftsman keep the foot board turned side rails at exactly at half-size (most of the time they're cut-down to make the finished product a more traditional bench size). It conveniently fits a crib size mattress and still has room for lots of pillows for comfort. I'll show you the finished product when I get the cushions and pillows. I'm just so happy with I had to show you!So, there you have it. Custom-made furniture at crazy affordable prices! Call or email me for more details or to place your orders. Place and order for your custom piece before August 7th and receive a Paddywax soy wax candle as your gift from me!

Thanks for your indulgence!


DtCtyGrl said...

Do you have layaway on the furniture? What fabulous pieces!!

Paige Thomas King said...

Thanks for your comments!
Technically, no; but, it is custom order/made, so a half-down deposit is required. They usually take 4 weeks to make, so you have a month to come-up with the balance. Kind of a layaway.
I do have layaway on the other furniture items in the shop. 60 Days, non-refundable 20% deposit.
So, which piece do you want?

DtCtyGrl said...

I want all of it!! lol
I will be in the store in a few weeks to put a down payment on my first selection though!

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