Monday, July 13, 2009

Market 2009 . . . check!

The weary market warrior returns. It's good to be home.

If the sheer number of buyers at this market is any indicator--everyone is feeling better about the economy! I know I placed some huge orders, so I hope everyone is feeling better. I'll give you about 15 - 30 days to prepare (coincidentally, the amount of time it'll take for my orders to start rolling in . . .), but after that, you'll need to start shopping again!

The inevitable question everyone is and will be asking is "What did you get?"

Well, I'll tell you . . . lots and lots. I found stuff for your garden, for your bedroom, for your living room and dining room; stuff for YOU; stuff for your holiday decorating--Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. A unique and beautiful collection of stuff, hand selected by me for you--my wonderful Hodgepodge friends.

You know, that is how I think about it when I'm there. I'll look at products and think of you. Would you like it? Is it what you told me you're looking for? I found myself, on more than one occasion, stopping in front of a product and saying, "Now, who told me they were looking for an iron three-hook display?" Or, "Is that the type of daybed Shekinah wanted?" Or, "Is this chaise lounge right for Marcia?" When I'm shopping the three-city-blocks-worth of Americasmart, I'm doing it for you. Really. Ibuprofen and sensible shoes (but never sneakers) are my companions.

The kids left with Mimi and Granddad today, bound for some much needed and earned vacation time. I'll miss them terribly, but I'm looking forward a busy week at the shop. My goals:

(1) A new shopping cart for my web site (open to suggestions, by the way--know a good one?);

(2) to send out my press release about being chosen as one of the 50 Retail Stars by Home Accents Today;

(3) to line-up instructors for our Spectacular, Spectacular event;

(4) to blog every day for the ten days my children will be in Virginia--I promise to keep it relevant, but I guess that's a very subjective endevour;

(5) to get my filing done and the backroom organized.

Thanks for your indulgence!

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