Friday, July 3, 2009

Oh Beautiful, for Spacious Skies


Look at these . . . we created them at our most recent "How Do They Do That?" event. Kendall taught us how to make this vintage looking banner to hang "above the fruited plains" and I love it! (Can you guess which song I've been singing all week?)

This is Kendall's . . .

mine . . .

Taylor's on her door . . .

I love that I've got a new patriotic decoration. I'm rather particular about those. I don't do a lot of "Americana decor," but I can appreciate it in the homes of other folks.
We're the house on the street that always has the American flag flying--we are in the good company of a few of our neighbors, but ours is always there. Occasionally, I'll put out a few extra touches--just to remind ourselves how fortunate we are.

Mom and Dad will be here today. Perhaps in time to catch Haedyn's last performance as Mushu in Mulan, Jr. (They made it before I posted!)

We are so fortunate.

This evening, we'll climb on our recently-repaired roof to watch the fireworks on the river. It's the best view in town!

We are so fortunate.

We've got all kinds of plans for this Independence Day weekend. All the while, our brave service members are spread across the world . . . doing their duty.

In particular is our service member . . .

I'm proud of that uniform, but like this look much better . . .

We are so fortunate.

God Bless America!

Thanks for your indulgence~


charlene said...

Paige, my heart is with you today...beautiful post. CC and I were just talking about your soldier today and yes how fortunate we all are. Thanks for putting it out there in black and white. Love charly

Paige Thomas King said...

You understand, I know.
We sure do miss you and your family around here.
I hope you get to come back to us soon!
love, Paige

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