Friday, March 28, 2008


Feedburner works. The notice of a new blog posting arrived--it took nearly 24 hours, but it will arrive in your email inbox! If you want to receive notice of new postings to this blog--click on the "Bee In Touch" link to the left of this posting. I can now move on.

Move on . . . back to the fame shop. ARGH!

The kids come home today! I'm so looking forward to having them here. They've been in Naples with Nana since last Saturday. Darren was here visiting when they left, but he returned to Kansas on Tuesday--so it's been three nights of the pets and me.

Random insert--I did find a location for one of our custom furniture items. It's back in the area deemed the "french room" because many of the accessories and table items are from a company based in France. (They're one of my favorite vendors--as the look is so vintage European!) I've included pictures of the new chicken coop-style display hutch.

The idea for this hutch hatched (hardee, harr, harr) out of the request of customer expressing a need for a display space for her pedestal cake plate collection. This is sort of it. The only thing we'll have to change is the top. The base of each "shelf" is angled--as a chicken coop would be, but they'll need to be flat in order to display the cake plates. I'll be painting this one--partially--to have it fit into Hodgepodge. As I've mentioned before if you need a piece of furniture for you home, let us get you a quote. This piece is very similar to one we found in the Sundance Catalog--with about the same cost. Ours (which is larger and you choose your finish--stain or paint color of your choice) is $350--including local delivery. You can order the pieces separately, too. Our furniture maker is happy to give quotes for just about any piece you can imagine. I think I've already shown you this cabinet, but I just wanted to provide another example of our custom furniture pieces.

Alrighty, it's Saturday and the kids are here and I'm happy to have them around me again. I've got to get moving--the shop won't open itself.

Thanks for your indulgence.


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