Friday, March 21, 2008

just checking

I'm trying to think of something clever to say, as my only reason for writing this morning is to check on my new feature, which allows readers to sign-up for notifications of updates to my blog.

Hmmm, let me think . . . oh I know, in my last entry I noticed I mentioned we had more new stuff arriving at Hodgepodge. I then proceeded announce our new jewelry as the "first" arrival worth mentioning. Well, I wonder what I intended to mention "second."

I had been trying to remember yesterday morning--then I walked into the shop and there it was--my shipment of Wendy Addison accessories from Midwest. I had the pleasure of meeting her in the Midwest showroom at the January market. She was signing some of her decorative accessories for her admirers--I jumped right into line. Not usually the "groupie" type, it felt awkward to me, but when it was my turn, I was happy to have the opportunity to tell her how much I enjoy her talents. She signed this anchor for me--especially for me--and told me how much she enjoyed meeting and admired me! (Not really, but wouldn't it be fun?!?) She did sign this for me and she smiled.

Anyhoo, we've got a nice collection of new items in her collection--perfect for a glittery accent almost anywhere in your room. They'd also make a wonderful gift for the graduates or brides on your shopping lists. As would this ornament commemorating the year "2008."

Okay--it's Good Friday. I hope you all have plans to remember and celebrate the life of a man who provides us with the supreme example of our potential as humans. Whether or not you believe him to be the son of God, you cannot deny he led an exemplary life--one we should all try to emulate. That's about the extent of my evangelistic efforts and potential.

Alrighty, saving this to add pictures when I get to the shop. Darren is home for a few days and the kids leave tomorrow for Florida to see their Nana for Spring Break. I hate when they're all gone without me. I'm excited for them and their independence, but selfishly, I'd rather have them here.
As I finish this, it's Saturday evening--the kids are out to dinner with Nana in Naples and Darren and I have plans to take in a show "Closer" at The Roxy in TheOtherSpace. This is the last night for this one, but it's a great place to catch cutting edge theatre--sometimes they're work shopping a show, then they're premiering the works of aspiring directors/writers, then there will be a production by the youth drama students.
Happy Easter!

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