Friday, March 7, 2008

Scouting-out Solutions

I've done a little organizing. Not in my house--although it's much needed--but in my closet on wheels (aka, "Flo" my 14 year old Chevy Suburban).
You'll see in my before picture, the typical variety of items you'll find slamming around in the back of my beast. Of course, I could take a lot of out and store it in my house, but you never know when you're going to find a large piece of furniture you'll want to strap to the roof--so I can't surrender the various tie-downs I have on hand. Further, I've already mentioned the age of my vehicle, so the antifreeze, brake fluid, jumper cables and safety triangle are all "must haves." The oversized bag of dog treats--unusual, yes, but explainable and transient. I used them in my display at the Smith-Trahern Mansion for their Christmas celebration--I've since donated them to the local shelter (where I had a near-adoption-miss!). Also transient is the bag of clothing to be donated and the groceries, rolling out of one of the incidious plastic bags! You'll also likely note the robin's egg blue paint strategically splattered across the rug. That incident, and many others like it, is the reason I will be driving this car until it falls apart around me; a new car would be too stressful.
Flo is loyal, but more importantly, she's paid for! She's been across the Atlantic and back; she's driven all over Germany, into Poland and over to Ireland! She's accumulated more than 260K miles and has used-up two transmissions--although, we only count one, as the first one was a do-it-yourself rebuild which didn't really stand a chance of lasting. The second one was a quick rebuild in a not-so-lovely little out-of-the-way town in Alabama. The type of place that gives you a discount when they find-out your husband is serving in the Middle East! They were wonderful people who worked well past normal hours to get us on the road again. I'm trying to remember the name of the garage. We were on our way home from visiting our friends, the Wagners in Enterprise, AL--back when I thought I could live without a cell phone (can you hear me now?).
Anyhoo, I told you all of that to explain the condition of my vehicle, but I want you to look at these "after" pictures and tell me she doesn't look like she's riding higher! I firmly believe that if I had used these nifty containers earlier, Flo's carpet wouldn't be robin's egg blue, as the gallon of paint would have remained upright inside them.
Of course, then I wouldn't have the great story of "Billy" (changing names to protect the ignorant) at the All American Car Wash, accusing me of lying regarding the water-base of my latex paint when I asked to use their wet-dry vac to clean-up my mess. You see, he noted that the paint can was clearly labeled "eggshell." How can one argue with that?
So, there it is. Stop by Hodgepodge to get yourself some of these wonderful storage bins or you too may have an encounter with Billy.
In all seriousness, these bins have more uses than I can name, but I like using them in the car. I carry one of their bags everyday--loaded down with paperwork, book and magazines. We just received a shipment of several more styles in the cutest pattern they call "Twall Yall." It features an Airstream trailer ( a big "SAAAALUTE!" to my fellow Airstream owner wanna be's Lisa and Janie!) in its typically bucolic toile scene!

I leave you with one last explanation. "Flo" got her name while we were stationed in Germany. She was the vehicle of choice for all of our flea marketing excursions--among her peers, she proudly boasted the largest capacity. The German word for "flea" is "floh." There you have it. We always "Went with the Flo."
Thanks for your indulgence.

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