Tuesday, March 25, 2008

framing an idea

Will it ever be done? The frame shop is evolving. I'm just not sure it'll ever be done. Darren and I took out the over sized, carpet covered counter on Sunday. This should help with the flow of traffic through Hodgepodge--especially for those who still do not grasp the concept that Neblett's is no longer. (I need to prepare the application for our new sign tomorrow!) This counter was a sort of "road block" as it's been difficult to get people to understand they could go past it. The behemoth is no longer. Our custom furniture maker is building a new work table to replace it--although it'll take-up considerably less room.
Today--I took down the mind numbing pegboard. Have your ever had to spend hours in a room surrounded by peg board? It's discombobulating to say the least. Today, I had the pleasure of removing most of it. I took it down, cut-it-down to a smaller size and glued black velcro fabric to it. It is curing as I type (I hope, I hope, I hope!). I plan to attach it to the walls tomorrow. We'll then display the frame corners on the walls.
Other than all of the physical changes I'm making to the shop, I've also been teaching myself about framing. I've taken a course in framing while we were stationed in Germany. I don't remember a thing about cutting the mats, but I am refreshing my memory about taking the essential measurements. I'm also having a blast putting together mats, frames and prints. Those prints of the masters I mentioned a few posts ago have provided a great learning exercise. I've been poring over our selection of mats and frames--trying to pull together looks appropriate for the art. The options are endless, but when you hit on the right one--you know it.
I also ordered a sample mirror. We can get beveled mirrors in a variety of of sizes--you choose the frame. A simple, contemporary Pottery Barn style or a huge, detailed Ballard Design style. You name it--it's available at Hodgepodge! Not really, but we do have a lot stuff.
Come in for a look-see. I'll take some photos tomorrow (I hope you can get some sleep. . . ) for those of you living in far-off places. (According to my "feedjit" listing--there are a few of you!)
Take care and thanks for your indulgence.

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