Sunday, March 16, 2008

the arts, part II

i know you've been checking back with giddy anticipation to read my next installment on the arts . . . yes, i've been drinking, but the glass is still mostly full! really, i just think this is a great idea and wanted to share it. but first, a note about the auction last night.

last night i attended the Downtown Artists' Co-op annual auction with my dear friend, dianne, who was my date to the event, as both of our husbands were unavailable. it was wonderful, as always, to be surrounded by so much talent and everyone, i mean EVERYONE, so humble about their talents and gifts! so many of my favorite people were in attendance and they were BIDDING AGAINST ME! at least i can lay claim to two prizes, one a live auction bid and one i was able to negotiate away from the winner after all was said and done. thank goodness she was the winner of many and therefore more inclined to pity. here they are: the first the work of a Audrey Griggs, now deceased, Audrey was the wife of Mark Griggs, a great supporter of the arts in Clarksville. Being a sucker for botanicals--this work caught my eye immediately. the second is the work of Susan Bryant. Susan is a remarkable artist/photographer. i have been fortunate to work on several committees with Susan and feel privileged count her a friend, as well. so, cool for me! i've got another Susan Bryant for our walls.

now, back to the subject at hand . . . which, by the way, is how you, too, can own a work of the masters. with the purchase of neblett's framing outlet, i have acquired numerous prints of the works of great masters. in these prints you will see the depth of field, the luminescence and play of light, the great detail of the originals from which they were cast. now, i must tell you that art appreciation was my worst grade of my college career, but i've tried to make-up for my deplorable scholasticic effort. regardless, one can't help but appreciate the beauty of these works. the extra cool thing is you can own them for next to nothing. we are selling them for only $2.50! here are a few examples of the works we have available.

of course, we can accommodate your needs for framing these works, as well. the price for a mat and frame, such as this one will cost approximately $135--of course, you can choose a less or more expensive option, according to your own style and desire. this one has a gold metallic mat over a dark brown paper mat with a frame that has a mottled gold layer and is about 2 1/2" wide.

this option, while you can't tell in this photograph, includes a butter colored suede mat over and olive paper mat. the frame is about 2" wide. this one would cost about $181.the framing selection shown here is the most affordable at about $103. it still has two mats, but their both a basic paper mat in a dark olive over "congo green" with a nice, 1" walnut finish frame. the frame has an upgraded look with the beading around the inside edge.

if you'd like to use conservation grade mat board and glass, you can expect to pay about 10 - 20% more.

of course, you can simply add as many of these prints to your collection as you like and frame them as you have the room and need for additional art for your home. at $2.50, i don't see why you should walk away.
i ask that you consider hodgepodge when you have items in need of framing.
thanks for reading and thanks for your indulgence.

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