Sunday, October 28, 2007

Window Dressings

Are you having trouble finding curtains that will work with your windows? It seems that I always find curtains that are too short. I've found a solution. I was just discussing this idea with a customer/friend, Charley.

She has some curtains which she likes, but they're too short for her current need. Being a military spouse, she doesn't want to run out and buy new curtains at every assignment. (We learned to "reuse/recycle" long before Mr. Gore made his documentary!) She had been watching HGTV and found some inspiration.

It is a similar approach to the one I and my fellow military wives have employed for years--add a coordinating fabric to the top or bottom of each of the panels. Charley has decided to add a length of velvet to her colorful sheers in order to use them in yet another setting. Practicality is essential for those who move so frequently.

I'll ask her for some pictures.

Remember, too, the idea I suggested in a previous log about using burlap for a quick, inexpensive window treatment. In fact, I believe an article in this month's Country Living suggested using burlap for an inexpensive, seasonal tablecloth--now why didn't I think of that?

Note the tablecloth in the picture.

I hope to get started on the curtains I want to piece together for our bedroom. I'm using some sheets, velvet and burlap! Please, please, please ask me for pictures--force my hand!

Well, I hope everyone is doing well and you don't feel as though you've just wasted your precious minutes!

Thanks for your indulgence!


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