Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Autumn Garland

Last night we hosted the first in our "How Do They Do That?" series at Hodgepodge. I was so pleased and flattered by the reception. I hope the participants were pleased with their time spent.

We made Autumn garlands using mini Indian corn, shipping tags and a variety of small items for the lettering.
Using the shipping tags, we each spelled-out an Autumn word with special significance. Pencil the letter onto the tag, then trace a light bead of craft glue on the letter. Add your bead, bean, seed or grass of choice to give the letter a 3-D appearance. Complete this process with all tags. After the tags have dried, you may choose to remove the string on the tag and replace it with raffia or twine--it's a matter of preference. Cut a six foot length of twine. You'll need a number of mini Indian corn ears to compliment the number of letters in the word you choose. For instance if you choose "gather," which has 6 letters you should use either 7 or five ears of corn. If you choose to use seven, your garland will start with a corn followed by a letter and so on. Starting about 9 inches in from the end of the length of twine, tie an ear of corn (around the husk) with a simple knot; leave about 6 - 8 inches and tie another--continue with remainder of corn. Then go back an tie on the tags in between each ear of corn. You may wish to lay the "pattern" out prior to tying to ensure the proper spacing. And Viola:

I had such a wonderful time sharing this project with these ladies. Thanks to Kate, Taylor, Martha, Karen, Erinne and Kendall for their enthusiastic participation.
Congratulations to Taylor--the winner of the Hodgepodge charm necklace!
And thanks to you all for your indulgence.

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